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AGM: Election of Officers and the Executive Committee

The following appointments were made by the AGM.

President: Martin Hanley

Vice–Presidents: Kate Zwartz and Kevin Lethbridge

Immediate Past President:  Steve Dunn

Secretary:  Don Mackay

Treasurer: Greg Nichols

Membership:  K Lethbridge

Executive Committee: Ken Allen, Neville Carson, Carol Comber, James Coyle, Steve Dunn, Peter Frater, Martin Hanley, Nick Jennings, Anna Kemble Welch, Tom Law, Kevin Lethbridge, Greg Nichols, Don Mackay, Cheryl Robilliard, Kate Zwartz

Newtown Festival Director:  Martin Hanley

Newtown Festival Committee:  Don Mackay, Anna Kemble Welch, Tom Law, Martin Hanley, James Coyle

Newtown Festival Governance Committee:  Steve Dunn, Peter Frater, Tom Law with authority to co-opt others.

Transport Other Standing Committee:  Steve Dunn, Laura Newcombe, Kate Zwartz, Peter Frater, Gail Reeves, Kathy Smith, Carol Comber, David Wilcock, Cheryl Robilliard.

Newsletter Editor:  Ken Allen

Website Manager: Don Mackay

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