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About the Association


The Association in Brief

The Newtown Residents’ Association has worked actively for many years to make our community a thriving, diverse, great place to live.  We are one of the threads that tie the Newtown area together as a community, not just a suburb.

We are a group of residents, business owners, people who work & play locally, who care about the community and local issues.  The Association represents the Newtown, Berhampore & Mt Cook area, and has a very inclusive attitude towards membership. To join you simply have to be interested in these southern suburbs.

Taking a positive role within the community, the Newtown Residents’ Association is responsible for the very successful annual Newtown Festival.

Join in and be heard!
Association meetings are open to the public and may be attended by anyone. Should voting be necessary on any issue, only the vote of members will be counted. Membership is available to all (16+) residents of Newtown, Mt Cook, Berhampore and anyone who has an interest in Newtown and the surrounding southern suburbs. Membership subscription is a gold coin.


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