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Next Meeting: Monday 17 March 2014 at 7.30pm

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Southern Suburbs Cycleway(s)

Linking Island Bay to Lambton Harbour

Progress update and presentations:

  • WCC Officers will give an outline of the upcoming public consultation process – planned to run over the next few months
  • Cycle Advocates Network summarising their preferred option
  • Red Design presenting updates of the community derived ideas for potential SAFE cycleway routes from Island Bay through  Berhampore -  Newtown – Mt Cook and Te Aro

Newtown Festival

Presentation of some great images from the very successful Fairday on Sunday 2 March and a brief report about the month’s activities.


Laura Rosier Archive Display

To celebrate Newtown Festival month we have had a billboard made, based on Laura’s public transport chapter, that will be displayed at the meeting. It includes a panorama photo of the suburb  – come and find your house and see what your neighbourhood looked like in 1922.

Intro - tram photo - rotated

Heritage Buildings and Earthquake Strengthening

An update from David Wilcock on this important topic for our suburb.

Map showing the location of the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

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Next Meeting: 18 November

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Guest Presentation – Generation Zero

For our November meeting Generation Zero are our feature guest speakers – presenting their ideas for the city and sharing expertise on ways the Public Transport Spine might successfully include Newtown and link to the airport.

Come along and help our Association to develop a fine grain crafted fit of the Public Transport Spine options through Newtown.

Generation Zero have been promoting a coordinated approach to Wellington’s transport involving Safe Cycleways, Car Share and congestion free Public Transport. The same things we have been establishing.

Runs on Fat

Laura Rosier Archive Presentation – Trams

Given the guest speaker topic it seemed appropriate to show images from the chapter on Public Transport……..

Intro - tram photo - rotated

Newtown Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

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Newtown Meets the Local Election Candidates

St Anne’s Parish Hall
Emmett Street, Newtown
7:00 pm Wednesday 4 September
Newtown Residents’ Association and St Anne’s Parish invite you to meet the Candidates for Mayor and for the Southern Ward in the forthcoming Local Body Elections.

Candidates for Mayor are:

  • Rob Goulden
  • John Morrison
  • Karunanidhi Muthu
  • Celia Wade-Brown
  • Jack Yan
  • Nicola Young

Southern Ward Candidates are:

  • Paul Eagle
  • David Lee
  • Don McDonald
  • Ginette McDonald
  • Will Moore
  • Brent Pierson
  • Bryan Robert Pepperell

All candidates have profiles published on the Wellington City Council website

We also get to vote for 5 seats on the
Wellington Regional Council.
The candidates are:

  • Daran Ponter
  • Sue Kedgley
  • Mike Fleming
  • Chris Laidlaw
  • Paul Bruce
  • Fran Wilde
  • Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati
  • Judith Aitken

You can check out their candidate profiles on the Wellington Regional Council website

Also worth checking out is the site vote where candidates can also post profiles but where members of the public can post questions for candidates to answer.

The Newtown Hot Issues
We asked Newtowners what their local issues were that they wanted candidates to answer.  This is what people suggested.

  1. What’s your view on the Council’s plans to build safe cycling lanes from Island Bay to the CBD?
  2. What is your position on the fluoridation of Wellington’s water supply? (suggested by individuals on both sides of the debate)
  3. What are candidates’ views on modifying current council policy in regards to encroachments onto road reserves, particularly in regard to cases where the encroachment is historical, is completely inadvertent by the current property owners and where the encroachment does not impact in any way on the public’s use of the road? If they do support modifying the policy, specifically what do they propose?
  4. Are you prepared to commit to implementing the “John Street Protocols” developed by The Newtown Residents’ Assn?
  5. Do you support continued council funding of local events like the Newtown Festival?
  6. When was the last time you dined out in Newtown?

Turn up and make sure they get asked and answered!!  And ask any other questions about stuff that matters to you.

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August 2013 Monthly Meeting

NRA August 2013 Minutes now available for your delictation and edification

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Minutes of July 2013 Meeting

Read the draft Minutes of the meeting held on 15 July 2013.

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Next Meeting: 15 July

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Transport Spine Study Proposals devastate central Newtown –

Progress reports by -

Greater Wellington Regional Council and Wellington City Council

Come along and find out what’s going on  and help save our suburb !

Riddiford BRT

Newtown Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

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Quick Headlines from Newtown Residents’ Assn Monthly Meeting 17 June 2013

Big interest in the cycling presentations lead by Patrick Morgan, supported by Martin Hanley and Kate Zwartz.  Look out for separate postings

  • on the work done by architecture students towards the design of an Island Bay to Te Papa cycleway, and
  • on Kate’s innovative design for a Mansfield St to the Basin cycle lane.

David Wilcock’s “Clean Up Newtown” proposal: for an active community lead zero tolerance response to tagging was received with enthusiasm.  A separate posting outlining what is proposed coming soon.

The Association is involved in ongoing discussions with the Salvation Army about their co-joint proposal for a youth training scheme in association with Black Power.  Members felt this is potentially a fantastic initiative, something the suburb could accommodate subject to suitable arrangements concerning the location and level of co-production supervision by the Salvation Army.

NRA is preparing to present the John St Protocols to the WCC meeting next week.  We also heard of Capacity giving extremely short notice to businesses affected by the closure of Tasman St for major works.

Bernard O’Shaughessey reported that the WCC Strategy and Policy Committee was scheduled to considered reports and recommendations arising from the consultation on the proposed Local Alcohol Policy later in the week.  There was some disquiet that the Southern Ward seemed to have been singled out as “a problem”.  NRA engagement on this front will continue to be led by the team  of Bernard, Tom Law and Peter Cooke.  Anyone interested in contributing email us with ALCOHOL in the subject line and we will pass you on to them.    Further consultation on the WCC’s alcohol management strategy and draft local alcohol policy is scheduled to start on 2 July 2013.  A separate fuller posting on this issue coming soon.

Current Consultations

  • Our response to WCC on the review of the Truby King Park management plan will be led by Nick Jennings.  Anyone interested in contributing email us with TRUBY in the subject line and we will pass you on to Nick.  Deadline is 12 July.
  • Our response to the WCC on “Our Open Spaces” will be lead by Kate Zwartz.  Anyone interested in contributing email us with OOS in the subject line and we will pass you on to Kate.  Deadline is 9 July.

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Minutes of May 2013 Monthly Meeting

The draft  May 2013 Minutes were Approved at the June Monthly Meeting.

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Local Election Candidates Meeting and Questionnaire

The Council elections are coming up in October.  Newtown Residents’ Association is planning to hold a local meeting of candidates for the Council elections on Wednesday 4 September in St Anne’s Parish Hall, at the end of Emmett St.   St Anne’s Parish will be putting on supper at the end of the meeting.

Thanks to Peter Frater for picking up the job of organising this Residents’ Association / St Anne’s co-production .  Mark your calendar now for a lively evening out!

In addition we thought it would be fun, and useful, to flush out what the candidates think about the issues that Newtown locals care about.  We thought we would ask all the local candidates to answer a questionnaire for us and pre circulate their answers.  So we want you to tell us what issues you want to hear about.  Drop us a line to with ELECTION QUESTIONS in the title line and we will start building up the collection……..

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Next Meeting: 17 June

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Island Bay to City Cycleway Proposal –

Progress reports by -

Patrick Morgan        Cyclists Action Network / Cycle Aware Wellington

Kate Zwartz              Newtown Suburban Centre Cycleway

Martin Hanley          Island Bay to Te Papa Bikepass

Come along and find out what’s going on  Meeting Poster  June2013

The Proposed Meeting Agenda  has been sent to our e-Newsletter subscribers

Runs on Fat

Newtown Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

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Quick Headlines from April 2013 Newtown Residents Assn Meeting

History Project – Jessie Annett-Wood explained the methods being used to recover the archival material and get it into editable form;

Local Alcohol Policy Submission – Key positions for the Assn’s submission to WCC were agreed (thanks to Peter Cooke, Tom Law and Bernard O’Shaughnessy);

Community Constable and Tagging– concerns were raised at the lack of visible presence in Newtown, and an outbreak of tagging (Paul Eagle, Peter Frater and Jeanie McCafferty to follow up);

Lessons from John St Draft Paper – the main points in the draft were endorsed.  Final to be signed off by the Executive

Local Elections Candidates’ Meeting – The Assn is organising a candidates meeting for 25 September.

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Minutes of NRA March 2013 Meeting

Minutes of Newtown Residents’ Assn March 2013 meeting.NRA March 2013 Minutes

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Meeting 15 April 2013

The April meeting will be on Monday 15 April at the Newtown Hall Daniell St (opposite the Mediteranean Food Warehouse) starting at 7:30pm.

Meetings are the third Monday of every month through until November.  Mark your calendar for: 20 May, 17 June, 15 July, 19 August, 16 September, 21 October, and 18 November.

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Minutes of 2012 AGM

Download the  Minutes of the 2012 AGM

Please note that these minutes will be presented for confirmation at the 2013 AGM in September

Members who were at the meeting can email suggestions or comments for inclusion to



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AGM: Election of Officers and the Executive Committee

The following appointments were made by the AGM.

President: Martin Hanley

Vice–Presidents: Kate Zwartz and Kevin Lethbridge

Immediate Past President:  Steve Dunn

Secretary:  Don Mackay

Treasurer: Greg Nichols

Membership:  K Lethbridge

Executive Committee: Ken Allen, Neville Carson, Carol Comber, James Coyle, Steve Dunn, Peter Frater, Martin Hanley, Nick Jennings, Anna Kemble Welch, Tom Law, Kevin Lethbridge, Greg Nichols, Don Mackay, Cheryl Robilliard, Kate Zwartz

Newtown Festival Director:  Martin Hanley

Newtown Festival Committee:  Don Mackay, Anna Kemble Welch, Tom Law, Martin Hanley, James Coyle

Newtown Festival Governance Committee:  Steve Dunn, Peter Frater, Tom Law with authority to co-opt others.

Transport Other Standing Committee:  Steve Dunn, Laura Newcombe, Kate Zwartz, Peter Frater, Gail Reeves, Kathy Smith, Carol Comber, David Wilcock, Cheryl Robilliard.

Newsletter Editor:  Ken Allen

Website Manager: Don Mackay

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