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Association meetings are on the 3rd Monday of every month except December and January, 7.30pm at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street. Next meeting will be February 16th 2015. All welcome.

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Newtown Residents’ Association Newsletter 12/1/15 – Happy New Year! Latest news.

Newtown Residents’ Association Newsletter 14/12/14 – Carrara Park Christmas Carols Notice


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The Newtown Festival is Coming!

Celebrate Newtown!   There will be six weeks of events, starting with Carnival Del Barrio hosted by Bebemos, February 13th – 15th.  Get the latest details on the Festival website – the programme is still evolving, so check back regularly.

The centrepiece is the Newtown Festival Fair Day on Sunday 8th March, when the streets of Newtown from Mein St to Rhodes St will be full of music, performance, stalls and the most wonderful array of food from all corners of the world!

Festival banner

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Community Emergency Response Plan Community Meeting

A message from the organisers:

The community session on 9th December went well, it was fantastic to see so many people from Newtown and Berhampore get together to learn, share and generate ideas. Everyone’s contributions to the key questions are amazing, you can see the final results in the photos here.

We are currently working on integrating all of the input from the four sessions into the draft plan document. This plan outlines how we as a community intend to respond to an emergency; how we intend to communicate and coordinate, who will take leadership, and what role organisations and businesses will play. It is still a work in progress, but can be read here. This is a living document, that we hope will be constantly revised, updated and added to. If you have further suggestions or amendments, please don’t hesitate to flick us an email.

We’re all going to take a bit of a break over the holiday period, so we’ll be back in touch next year to discuss further work on our plan. Please let us know if you have any ideas on the next steps we should take.

So, what comes next? 

We’ve come up with many great ideas for projects that we can work on together to improve our preparedness and resilience; tree planting, street parties, bumper stickers, Civil Defense Centre open days, letter box competitions, bike fixit days…the list goes on! While we will include these ideas in the plan, they will only become a reality if anyone is interested in putting them into action. If you’re keen to be involved, please reply to let us know, and if there’s something you’re particularly interested in being a part of or leading, mention that too.

Want to learn more?

Civil Defense has a free Emergency Preparedness Training Programme that teaches you how to prepare for an emergency, and how to help your community and assist at a Civil Defense Centre after one. To see the course dates and register, click here.

Did you hear about the Timebank?

The Wellington Timebank came up a lot in discussions as being a fantastic way to get involved in your community, and as a great way to coordinate help following a disaster. Members of the Timebank use time as currency; helping others with your skills and knowledge are swapped for credits, which you can then swap for the services of others. For more information and to sign up, have a look here. The Timebank office will be closed until January 20th, so you will hear back from them then.

Thanks again

We hope that you enjoyed this process, and learnt something new, talked to someone you didn’t know, and thought about something in a different way. We’re looking forward to working together to keep making Newtown and Berhampore resilient, connected and fun-filled places to live, work and play!

Anna, Renee, Claire and Jason.


Want to get in touch? You can reach us on:

Anna & Renee – and 04 389 4786

Claire –

Jason – and 04 830 2132



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Carrara Park Carols, Wednesday 17 December 2014, 6.30pm

Carrara Carols Poster-2014_V3

This is a low key, casual, grass roots event bringing people together with the sound of acoustic music and vocal singing and promoting participation in the Christmas spirit, goodwill and neighbourliness.  The audience are part of the performance and singing is part of the fun!

 Carrara Park has entrances at 107 Daniell Street and at 6 Regent Street.

This close to Christmas we don’t have a rain-day date, but if its raining and we have to cancel The Mighty Ukes will be  performing a sing-along set at the Office Bar, 124 Riddiford Street, at 7pm on Friday 19 December.

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Christmas Party 14th December 2014

Christmas Afternoon Tea, Sunday December 14th, 3-5pm, at Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre, 11 Hutchison Rd.

To all residents of Newtown, Berhampore and Mt Cook, or others with involvement in our suburb – we hope you, your family and friends will join us to relax and unwind with good company, Christmas treats and mellow music. 

Can you come?  Please take a moment to contact us and let us know how many people to expect.   This will help with catering, but if you make a late decision you will be welcome anyway on the day.

xmas party

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Newtown Community Gardens BBQ Sunday 7th December

Carrara Park, Sunday 7th December, 1-3pm. Access from alley way by 107 Daniell St or from Regent Street.  Celebrating the Community Garden’s first birthday, and enjoying Carrara Park and the people who use it.  Food and entertainment provided, all welcome.  Hear about the garden, plant a seedling, or just enjoy the occasion.

NCG BBQ 7.12.14

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Community Meeting Sunday 30th November 2014

Please join us to discuss what the  Wellington City Council Long Term Plan means for Newtown

LTP poster
The Newtown Residents’ Association wants to bring residents of Newtown together to workshop a submission on what we would like to see prioritized by Council in the next ten years, to feed back into the Long Term Plan. Longer Library opening hours? More public toilets? Drinking fountains? Come along and have your say!  We will meet in the Newtown Community Centre, cnr Rintoul and Colombo Sts, 3-5pm.  Afternoon tea an added attraction! 

If you can’t come to the meeting please email us with your ideas and suggestions –

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A message from the Newtown Community Gardens

Kia Ora Newtowners,

It is now nearly one year since Newtown Community Gardens turned its first sods of soil in Carrara Park. Here is a brief update on the news from us. We are really proud to see the great things that are coming out of the gardens – far more than just healthy vegetables!  See more…

We hope that Newtown will have an increasing amount of fresh fruit and vegetables growing around our neighbourhood. Come help make it happen – join our email list by emailing or join our Facebook group ‘Newtown Community Gardens’. Or better yet, come join us at one of our fortnightly Sunday garden bees…

Newtown Community Gardens BBQ

7th December Carrara Park, will include free music and food – details to follow in the near future.


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Newtown and Berhampore Community Emergency Response Plan – meeting 9/12/14 at 6pm, Newtown Park

A group from Newtown and Berhampore have been working with Jason from WREMO, Anna and Renee from the Newtown Community Centre and Claire, our NRA President, to develop a plan for how our community would look after itself for the first 72 hours following a disaster.
We’re having a session on Tuesday 9th December, 6pm in the Newtown Park Function Room to share the plan so far with everyone in the community, get input into how to improve it, and then discuss what we can do as a community to become more resilient, interconnected and prepared. We’re hoping to get some ideas for community events or projects for us to work on out of it. Come along to learn and contribute!

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Jeypore Street Playground Petition – and Party Invitation for Saturday Nov 29th

We talked about the Berhampore Jeypore Street Playground at the October NRA meeting, and again last night at the November meeting.  The Draft WCC Suburban Reserves  Management Plan proposes decommissioning this playground and instead constructing a new playground in Wakefield Park.  Berhampore residents are submitting in favour of keeping the current playground, and the NRA meeting last night voted to support this cause.

Here is a message from Berhampore resident Wilhemina van der Aa  “The Wellington City Council is planning to decommission the Jeypore Street playground. It is a highly utilised and treasured community asset providing a safe, fully fenced and sheltered area for children to play. It is located in a quiet area, where many people do not have backyards. The Jeypore Street playground is used regularly by local neighbourhood children, children in the wider community, and children from Berhampore School. We are strongly opposed to the Council’s plan to decommission this playground because it is a living and breathing example of a community hub in action.

Please sign this petition to show your support to keep the Jeypore Street playground.   You can sign my petition by clicking here.  Thanks!

 Also..we have decided to have a street party!!! 29 NOV so keep this date free, there will be music, games for children, prizes, etc – time and more details to follow!”


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Monthly Meeting – November 17th 2014

We will be meeting at 7.30 pm at the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell St – at the Constable Street playground.

Everyone is very welcome.


This will include –

LOOMIO – an introduction to using the Loomio free software for collaborative decision making.

Parking in Newtown

The Wellington City Council Long Term Plan.

We are expecting speakers from the WCC to join us in discussing these two topics.

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Report on the Residents’ Association October Meeting

We met at the Community Hall in Daniell Street at 7.30pm on 20th October.   As well as discussing the items on the Agenda we heard an update on the Newtown Festival, information about the WCC fixit app, and other business that is worth reading about.

You can read the Minutes of the meeting here.

Action points!

3 small groups were established to follow up on some of the main issues.  Please contact us on if you would like your voice heard on these topics.

  1. Cycleways.  Tom Law is convening this group.  One of the issues they will be considering is how to consult effectively with local residents and businesses.
  2. Parking Issues.  There is considerable interest in how to free up more parking for locals.  WCC is already aware of the concerns.  We would really like to hear from you about your experiences and ideas about how parking affects you and what to do about it.
  3. Wellington City Council Long Term Plan.  The Council staff are asking for ideas on what needs to be included in the plan. We are inviting a Council officer to discuss this with us at the November meeting, and if you would like to see any issues addressed or have an idea to improve Newtown, please let us know so that we can pass it on.

Cheryl Robilliard is preparing a submission on the Draft Suburban Reserves Management Plan and would like to hear from anyone with ideas to contribute to this.  You can contact Cheryl at

The Draft Suburban Reserves Plan includes the intention to decommission one of the Berhampore suburban reserves, the playground in Jeypore Street,  and the residents are unhappy about this.
There is to be a protest meeting at the playground at 10am on Saturday 1st November, and Newtown residents are invited to support our Berhampore neighbours.  

Don McKay would like people to join him on Labour Day, Monday 27th, to ‘bomb’ the vacant section on the corner of Newtown Ave and Daniell Street with flower seeds.  See the Facebook page or contact Don at


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Island Bay Seawall Project – have your say

A message from Wellington City Council

The huge swells generated by the severe storm in June 2013 caused the collapse of a section of the 350-metre seawall in Island Bay. The Wellington City Council placed a temporary rock barrier in the broken section of the seawall to protect the footpath and road, and this will remain in place for the time being. Before anything else is done, the Council wants to hear your ideas and views on a long-term solution for that area. We have identified five options to get the discussion started that range from the status quo of repairing the seawall through to options that close parts of The Esplanade and create linkages between Shorland Park and the beach. There are a lot of factors to consider including traffic impacts, heritage issues, costs, long-term sea level rise and amenity of the area.

Please take the time to have your say on this project. Information on the options and the online submission forms are available at give us your views online if you can.

You can also have your say by…

–       Emailing us at

–       Sending a FreePost hard-copy submission form. Hard copies are available at the Island Bay Library and Island Bay Community Centre.

 Submissions close 10 November 2014 at 5pm


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Monthly Meeting – October 20th 2014

We will be meeting at 7.30 pm at the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell St – at the Constable Street playground.

Everyone is very welcome.


  1. What is happening around the Basin Reserve? 
    • High Court Process
    • Grant Robertson’s initiative
  1. Cycleway update 
  1. Newtown parking issues
  1. Wellington City Council Consultations

5.  Other business.

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What is happening around the Basin Reserve?

The High Court Appeal against the flyover decision

The New Zealand Transport Agency has taken an appeal against the Board of Inquiry decision to decline resource consent for a Basin Reserve flyover. Community groups that opposed the flyover, including Save the Basin and the Architecture Centre, are planning to be represented by lawyers when this appeal is heard.

In the original Board of Inquiry process the Newtown Residents’ Association and the Architecture Centre made joint submissions, and the legal costs were covered by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.   This funding is not available for the appeal. When the NRA decided to oppose the flyover it was on the understanding that there would be no cost to the Association.   We are not a wealthy organisation, and so although we support the action the above groups are taking we cannot afford to be a party to it.

Save the Basin are fundraising for their costs, and members might like to support this – see here for more information.

Grant Robertson’s initiative

Grant Robertson, the Wellington Central MP, convened a meeting to discuss next steps in terms of the development of transport solutions for Wellington, in particular in the area around the Basin Reserve.  The meeting was held on Monday 6th of October and was attended by a number of community groups; NRA was represented by Martin Hanley. Martin took some plans for suggested changes to traffic lanes that the Urban Activation Lab has been working on, and they were well received. As an outcome of the meeting a letter is being drafted requesting greater community involvement with the development of plans for the Ngauranga to Airport corridor – we will report further when this is finalized.   There is to be a follow-up meeting, this time with the Regional Council, on Friday 24th October.


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