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The future plans for Keep Newtown Clean

At the NRA meeting on Monday 18th May our President, Claire Pettigrew, and Hine Sullivan, WCC grafitti officer, jointly presented a brief history of Keep Newtown Clean and a proposal for the future to change from a monthly clean up to having special events four times a year. This year these would start the first Saturday in September, again in December, the end of February for a special clean up before the Festival, and again the first Saturday in June.

Their talk was illustrated with a power point presentation, which you can link to here.  

The meeting agreed to welcome Keep Newtown Clean into the Association.  We are now looking for enthusiastic volunteers committed to keeping our suburb looking its best – do please get in touch if this sounds like you!

Notes about the May 2015 meeting

The Minutes of the meeting are available here.

This was a well-attended meeting, with a number of people attending especially to hear from the Salvation Army about their plans for redevelopment.

Salvation Army

Ian McLaren, TSA Property Secretary and Guy Cleverley, Architect, talked about the plans and answered questions, with input from Mark Ashby, Planning Consultant.  You will find a full account in the meeting minutes.  It was emphasised that the plans are at a preliminary stage, with many details still to be worked through. Following the discussion a motion was put to the meeting:

That the NRA supports the concept in principle, subject to consultation going forwards and to neighbours’ concerns. Proposed Tom Law, seconded Evelyn Hopkins. This was countered by a proposal from the floor – That we do not support it until we have received all the documentation.  A vote was taken for and against supporting the concept, with a majority in favour of support but a sizeable minority dissenting.

We look forward to continuing consultation as the plans develop.

Keep Newtown Clean

This will be the subject of a separate post.  In brief, the NRA has been asked to bring the Keep Newtown Clean project under the Association’s umbrella, and following discussion agreed to do this.  The plan is to move from a monthly clean-up to events four times a year.  We will be looking for a volunteer co-ordinator – or group of co-ordinators.

WCC Gambling Venues Policy Review

Submissions on this policy are due on Friday 22nd May.

George Darroch from the Problem Gambling Foundation spoke to the meeting about the work of the Foundation and about their observations of the harm gambling is doing to local families.

Following discussion the meeting agreed unanimously that the NRA

  • Supports a ‘sinking lid’ for gaming machines
  • Supports the money from gaming trusts coming back to the community where the gaming machines are located,
  • Advocates for a gaming machine-free southern ward.

The next NRA meeting will be on June 15th, 7.30pm – as usual,  at the Newtown Community Hall in Daniell St.

May 2015 Meeting

The next Residents’ Association Meeting is on Monday May 18th, 7.30pm,  at the Newtown Hall, 71 Daniell St. All welcome!

The agenda includes –

The Salvation Army are coming to discuss their plans for a new development on Normanby, Riddiford and Donald MacLean Streets. Read more about the plans… They are keen to obtain feedback and answer any questions.  This is one of the biggest property developments in our suburb for many years, and the discussion should be of interest to all in Newtown.

The Gambling Venues Policy review closes at 5pm on Friday 22 May.  We will be discussing the issue, and hope to have the input of a Council Officer familiar with the topic.  We will then be looking to form a small group to work quickly to write a submission based on our discussion.  If you are interested, please come – or please let us know by emailing on

Discussion on the future of Keep Newtown Clean.

If you have other items, or questions, please email us, as above.

Newtown Library Temporary Closure, 13th May till 22nd July 2015

The Newtown Library in Constable Street is being refurbished!

The WCC website says:

“Newtown Library will be temporarily closed for scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

The library will be closed from 13th May 2015 until 22nd July 2015 inclusive.

Newtown Library was built approximately 25 years ago and requires scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Contractors will be replacing the skylights, installing heating systems, ventilation systems and efficient lighting. Interior painting and replacing vinyl will be done at the same time.

Newtown library

Wellington City Libraries are providing these services for our Newtown Library customers during this time:

  • Free shuttle between Newtown and Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) libraries Monday to Friday
  • Reserves available for collection from Smart Newtown
  • Issue periods extended for the duration of the closure
  • Return fees waived for books returned to other libraries
  • More seating and newspapers available at Ruth Gotlieb Library (Kilbirnie)
  • Access to our 24/7 online services

We encourage you to “stock up” from May 1st to take advantage of the extended loan period. You can stay updated about the project through updates to this page, the WCC call centre (499 4444), and our Facebook and Twitter updates.

If you have any questions or require further information about the closure please contact Andrea Thomas or Sharon Macintyre by phoning 830 1255 or emailing”

Submission to the Wellington City Council on the Long Term Plan

The NRA President and Secretary – Claire Pettigrew and Rhona Carson – made an oral submission to the Council on 5th May 2015, to back up the written submission the Association put in earlier.

We spoke about concerns about Council services – e.g. rubbish, drainage etc.  There was a report in the Dominion Post the next morning about the hearings in which we got a mention – quote: “Big ideas were fine, but the basics had to be working first, President Claire Pettigrew said.”
We also asked the WCC to continue to support the Newtown Festival, and were encouraged by the affirmation from the Chair that  “The Newtown Festival is already an iconic Wellington event”.

Salvation Army new building development

You may have heard that the Salvation Army are planning to redevelop the block bordered by Normanby St, Riddiford St and Donald McLean St – with the exception of the property on the corner of Donald McLean St housing the TAB and Le Manaia (which was the Zoo Bar) and the Mission for Youth building in Donald McLean St.  The plan is to have all their services in one place – and to sell their present properties in Constable St, Rintoul St and Riddiford St North.
The NRA Executive and others were invited to see and discuss the plans on 22/4/15, and the developers explained that
  • The building will be 2 stories tall, with graduated heights along Normanby St, so that it eases in from residential houses to the facility.
  • It will comprise of:
    • main hall
    • community ministries/drop in centre
    • family store
    • addiction treatment
    • early education centre
  • It is intended to be a mixed-use project that also works as a community facility (i.e. meeting room/hall hire).
  • The hall will be in the middle, with other rooms all around and large amounts of glass so people can see in and see the activity, giving a sense of vibrancy to that block.
  • 36 carparks will be accessed from Donald MacLean St.

In order to achieve this the plan is to demolish the existing buildings on the block.  As well as the little shops and cafes on Riddiford St the Salvation Army

  • Intend to pull down 2x pre1930s buildings on Donald MacLean St (currently converted into garages) – no restriction as this zone is classed commercial.
  • Intend to pull down 4x pre1930s buildings on Normanby St (currently 3 rented, 1 uninhabitable) – one has no restriction as is classed as commercial, but the other 3 will require consent as they are classed residential.

They have accepted an invitation to come to the Resident’s Association meeting on 18th May to explain the plans to a wider audience.

To have a look at the areas affected follow this link to the google satellite map of the streets concerned.

Notes of the April 2015 Newtown Residents’ Association Meeting

Long Term Plan

The draft submission was discussed and agreed, with some comparatively minor amendments.

 Keep Newtown Clean

David Wilcock gave an overview of starting KNC because since WCC street cleaning services were contracted out standards had declined. Things have improved with a new contractor – David and other NRA members met with the contractor recently. However there is no proactive monitoring of cleanliness – people report concerns to WCC and the contactor responds. The WCC “Fix-it” app is the easiest way to do this.

At present the monthly KNC clean-up sessions are on hold while the future of the project is considered.

There was a lively discussion with many meeting attendees unhappy with the state of Newtown’s streets and public spaces. An ‘audit of cleanliness’ was suggested to record the jobs that need doing.

The bollards used for posters were discussed – these were provided as a public facility but later Phantom Billstickers were given the rights to use them. As a result posters for local events can’t get put up there – it was suggested that we attempt to get at least some of them back for local use.


Effie Rankin talked of observing many cyclists disobeying road rules – eg riding on foothpaths, riding across pedestrian crossings and through red lights. She advocated better cyclist education about the road rules and better enforcement. Again a vigorous discussion – centering on whether motorists or cyclists are the most frequent offenders! However there was general agreement that all need to follow the road code.

Tom Law reported that progress on cycleways is halted until the WCC have done more work on a Wellington-wide strategy.

 John Street Protocols

Jeanie McCafferty talked with roading contractors recently and discovered that they had never heard of the protocols, but were interested to read them and liked them. Jeanie would like to take if further with Council and get the protocols in common use – met with general approval. [The John St Protocols were developed during the building of the Countdown Supermarket in John St.]

 Caltex site

Chevron have now put the site in South Riddiford St up for tender, agent Baileys, closing in May. David Wilcock suggested that Council require public parking be provded as part of any new development.

Next Meeting Monday 18th May 2015, 7.30pm

April Meeting

The next Residents’ Association Meeting is on Monday, 20th April, 7.30pm at the Newtown Hall, 71 Daniell St. All welcome!

We will be discussing the Residents’ Association submission on the WCC Long Term Plan – a group is currently working on this.  Submissions are officially due on Friday 17th April, but we have been allowed an extension until after this meeting.  Click here to read the NRA Draft Submission. If you won’t be at the meeting on Monday please email us with any comments.

If you have other items you would like on the agenda please let us know –

Minutes of the March 2015 Residents’ Association Meeting

On March 16th we discussed the Wellington City Council Long Term Plan and the WCC Social Housing Policy.

Other topics included a review of the Keep Newtown Clean project, the recent Civic Hakathon, proposals for improvements to the Wellington Bus service, and concerns about the safety of verandahs.

We also passed a vote of thanks to Festival Director Martin Hanley and the rest of the NRA Festival Committee for a most successful 2015 Newtown Festival.

Read the full minutes here – there is a lot of interesting detail.


The First Residents’ Association Meeting for 2015

Monday 16th February at 7.30pm  All Welcome – 

Come and join us as we begin to plan for the year ahead.
The agenda will include –
– news about the Newtown Festival and Celebrate Newtown events
– an update on the Community Response Plan
– where we’re at with parking and cycling
-submissions to the Wellington City Council
What else would you like to talk about?  Contact us and let us know! If there isn’t time this month we’ll make a note for the future.

Newtown Community Hall
71 Daniell St – near Constable St corner.

The Newtown Festival is underway!

Festival bannerGet updates at any time from  Browse the events, peformers and programme, click on the links, listen to the music – its all there!   

The many events Celebrating Newtown between now and March 23rd include the Newtown Community Centre celebrating their building’s Centenary on Feb 21st, and a series of things happening on March 14th – the Great Newtown Garage Sale Day, the Big Bike Fix-up, and the Carrara Park Jazz Picnic. There are lots more events on other days – get the full programme here.

The big day is the Festival Street Fair Day on Sunday March 8th.  The streets of Newtown are closed to traffic from Mein St to Russell Tce, so we can have the biggest free party in New Zealand!  There are lots of actives in South Riddiford St that are new to the Festival this year – including the Te Atiawa Toa Te Raukura Stage, and free Street Sports  – check it out!  We are also delighted that the International Women’s Day organisers have chosen to celebrate their day with us this year – join them on the Wellington Women Walk for Peace leaving from the Normanby/Riddiford St corner at 10.30, and for a day of events at the International Women’s Stage

Celebrate Art in Newtown

What: The Newtown Pop up Art Gallery

When: Saturday Feb 14th 10am-9pm (Rain day Sunday 15th)

Where: Carrara Park

This is a free event. Enter off Regent St or up walkway from 107 Daniel St.

In its inaugural exhibition The Newtown Pop up Art Gallery presents ‘Flight’. This magical world of birds in flight is a collaboration between Newtown painter Paul Forrest, Auckland photographer Derek Tearne, soundscape artist from Wellington’s Zealandia Matu Booth and live birdsong from the resident birds of Carrara Park. Come and have a cup of tea in the outdoor lounge and experience the delightful sight and sound world of ‘Flight’.

Paul Forrest exhibition 14.2.15

For more information go to

This is a Newtown Festival Celebrate Newtown event. For other events from 13/2/15 until 23/3/15 go to the Festival website.

The Newtown Festival is Coming!

Celebrate Newtown!   There will be six weeks of events, starting with Carnival Del Barrio hosted by Bebemos, February 13th – 15th.  Get the latest details on the Festival website – the programme is still evolving, so check back regularly.

The centrepiece is the Newtown Festival Fair Day on Sunday 8th March, when the streets of Newtown from Mein St to Rhodes St will be full of music, performance, stalls and the most wonderful array of food from all corners of the world!

Festival banner

Community Emergency Response Plan Community Meeting

A message from the organisers:

The community session on 9th December went well, it was fantastic to see so many people from Newtown and Berhampore get together to learn, share and generate ideas. Everyone’s contributions to the key questions are amazing, you can see the final results in the photos here.

We are currently working on integrating all of the input from the four sessions into the draft plan document. This plan outlines how we as a community intend to respond to an emergency; how we intend to communicate and coordinate, who will take leadership, and what role organisations and businesses will play. It is still a work in progress, but can be read here. This is a living document, that we hope will be constantly revised, updated and added to. If you have further suggestions or amendments, please don’t hesitate to flick us an email.

We’re all going to take a bit of a break over the holiday period, so we’ll be back in touch next year to discuss further work on our plan. Please let us know if you have any ideas on the next steps we should take.

So, what comes next? 

We’ve come up with many great ideas for projects that we can work on together to improve our preparedness and resilience; tree planting, street parties, bumper stickers, Civil Defense Centre open days, letter box competitions, bike fixit days…the list goes on! While we will include these ideas in the plan, they will only become a reality if anyone is interested in putting them into action. If you’re keen to be involved, please reply to let us know, and if there’s something you’re particularly interested in being a part of or leading, mention that too.

Want to learn more?

Civil Defense has a free Emergency Preparedness Training Programme that teaches you how to prepare for an emergency, and how to help your community and assist at a Civil Defense Centre after one. To see the course dates and register, click here.

Did you hear about the Timebank?

The Wellington Timebank came up a lot in discussions as being a fantastic way to get involved in your community, and as a great way to coordinate help following a disaster. Members of the Timebank use time as currency; helping others with your skills and knowledge are swapped for credits, which you can then swap for the services of others. For more information and to sign up, have a look here. The Timebank office will be closed until January 20th, so you will hear back from them then.

Thanks again

We hope that you enjoyed this process, and learnt something new, talked to someone you didn’t know, and thought about something in a different way. We’re looking forward to working together to keep making Newtown and Berhampore resilient, connected and fun-filled places to live, work and play!

Anna, Renee, Claire and Jason.


Want to get in touch? You can reach us on:

Anna & Renee – and 04 389 4786

Claire –

Jason – and 04 830 2132