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September 14th 2022: September Meetings

September 3rd 2022: The Proposed District Plan, and the Local Body Elections

August 19th 2022: August Meeting Notice and other News

July 13th 2022: July News

June 10th 2022: June Meeting Notice

May 15th 2022: Reminder of May Meeting

May 3rd 2022: Events in May

April 14th 2022: April Meeting Notice

March 17th 2022: March Meeting Notice

February 14th 2022 : February meeting notice; Coping in a Pandemic

December 9th 2021: Draft District Plan Submissions due soon

November 18th: WCC Consultation Event this weekend

October 31st: Consultation News; Draft District Plan

October 15th: October Meeting notice

September 18th 2021: 2021 AGM notice

August 13th 2021: August meeting notice

July 18th 2021: July Meeting Reminder

July 10th 2021: WCC decisions on the Wellington Spatial Plan

June 17th 2021: June News

May 13th 2021: May News

April 5th 2021: April News, Newtown Festival, April Meeting

March 7th 2021: March News

February 10th 2021: February Meeting Notice; Predator Free Wellington extended territory

January 13th 2021: New Year News

November 13th 2020: November Meeting

October 18th 2020: October Meeting

October 3rd 2020 : Submitting on the Draft Spatial Plan

September 13th 2020: September Meetings

August 22nd 2020: WCC Draft Spatial Plan; Meet the Candidate Meeting

August 16th 2020: August meeting 17/8/20 now on Zoom

August 12th 2020: August meeting; WCC Planning for Growth proposals

July 13th 2020:  July Meeting, Kia Ora Newtown News

June 11th 2020: June Meeting, Local Projects

May 19th 2020: WCC Annual Plan, Newtown Loves Local

May 5th 2020: Level 3 News

April 12th 2020: April News, a level 4 special

March 14th 2020: March Meeting and other news

March 1st 2020: Newtown Festival News

February 10th 2020: February Meeting Notice; WCC Consultations

December 10th 2019: More about Carrara Park Playground

December 6th 2019 Carrara Park Consultation; Christmas events

November 11th 2019: November meeting notice

October 19th 2019: October meeting; Community Dinner

September 8th 2019: AGM notice, September events

August 26th 2019: Meet the Candidates meetings, Newtown Parking

August 13th 2019: August meeting

July 22nd 2019: Carrara Park Upgrade

July 9th 2019: Notice of July meeting; Minutes June meeting

June 6th 2019: June News

May 16th 2019: Notice of May Meeting

April 8th 2019: Notice of April Meeting

March 25th 2019: Postponing Newtown Neighbours’ Night

March 19th 2019: Newtown Community Stands Together:
Community Dinner

March 8th 2019: After the Festival – March Events

February 13th 2019: February News

December 13th 2018: News and events

November 30th 2018: Newtown Connections, Have your Say

November 13th 2018: November meeting; Newtown Connections

October 4th 2018: Notice: Newtown Residents’ Association AGM 

September 11th: September meeting notice

August 14th: August meeting, facilities upgrade, Bloom Collective

July 31st: Community Facilities Upgrade

July 8th: July Newsletter

June 6th 2018: June meeting and June events in Newtown

May 16th 2018: May Meeting and Other News

April 4th 2018: April News and Events

March 9th 2018: March News

February 11th 2018: Newtown Residents’ Association Newsletter

January 9th 2018: Happy New Year!

December 23rd 2017: Season’s Greetings

December 7th 2017: Christmas sing-along; NZ post and Kiwi Bank closure concerns

November 12th 2017: SpecialGeneral Meeting notice

October 31st 2017: October notes

October 6th 2017: AGM Minutes and October events

17th September 2017: AGM papers

11th September 2017: AGM notice and other news

29th August 2017: August meeting notes; Meet the Candidates Meeting

16th August 2017: August meeting notice, coming events

26th July 2017: July meeting notes, Matariki for Tamariki, Cycleway consultation

13th July 2017: July meeting notice, Papertown Exhibition

16th June 2017: June Events

8th June 2017: June meeting notice, Shine a Light on Newtown events, and more.

26th May 2017: May meeting notes, Our Town Newtown update, other news.

10th May 2017: May meeting notice, other news

30th April 2017: Our Town Newtown Questionnaire

10th April: March Meeting Notes, Predator Free Newtown

17th March 2017: March meeting notice, other news.

10th March 2017: Weekend Events

12th February 2017: Neighbours’ Night at Newtown Park, other February News

26th January 2017: Kia Ora Opening, Newtown Festival is coming.

28th November 2016: November Notes, Early December Events

14th November 2016: November News

27th October 2016: October meeting notes, other news.

5th October 2016: October meeting notice

17th September 2016: AGM notice

1st September 2016: September news Meet the Candidates Meeting notice

9th August 2016: July meeting notes, August meeting notice

11th July 2016: July meeting notice

21st June 2016: June meeting notes, Kai Cycle 

14th June 2016:  June Meeting Notice

30th May 2016: Keep Newtown Clean notice

7th May 2016: May Meeting notice

13th April 2016: April meeting notice, Neighbours’ Day in St Thomas’s Courtyard

15th March 2016: March Meeting notice, Newtown Festival

25th February 2016: Newtown Festival news

7th February 2016: February Meeting news

11th January 2016: Happy New Year

Newtown Newsletter 1st December 2015 – Meeting report, Keep Newtown Clean, Christmas Sing-along

Newtown Newsletter 12th November 2015 – November meeting notice,  Early Learning Centre, Climate March notice, Festival Stall Bookings open, Circus Hub information.

Newtown Newsletter 2nd November 2015 – AGM report, news

Newtown Newsletter October 2015 – October meeting notice, local events

Newtown Newsletter September 2015 – AGM notice and other news

Newtown Newsletter August 31st 2015 – Keep Newtown Clean, Recycling Award, report on August meeting

Newtown Newsletter August 2015 – notes on July meeting, other news

Newtown Newsletter July 13th 2015 – Meeting notice, Community notices, new housing development, Mt Cook news.

Newtown Newsletter June 10th 2015 – Meeting notice, report on May meeting, visit to the Mayor.

Newtown Newsletter May 11th 2015 – Meeting notice, Newtown news, Salvation Army building development.

Newtown Newsletter April 15th 2015 – Meeting notice, Long Term Plan, Local events.

Newtown Newsletter March 12th 2015 – Meeting notice, Celebrate Newtown events.

Newtown Newsletter March 5th 2015 – Keep Newtown Clean Special Edition

Newtown Newsletter March 4th 2015 – Newtown Festival News 

Newtown Newsletter 15.2: 13/2/15 – Meeting notice, Festival News

Newtown Newsletter 15.1: 12/1/15 – Happy New Year!

Newtown Newsletter 14.17: 14/12/14 – Carrara Park Christmas Carols

Newtown Newsletter 14.16 8/12/14 – Christmas Party Invitation

Newtown Newsletter 14.15 29/11/14- event reminders

Newtown Newsletter 14.11: 20/11/14.  Community meeting 30/11/14 and other news.

Newtown Newsletter 14.10: 14/11/14.  November meeting notice and other news.

Newtown Newsletter 14.09: 23/10/14

Newtown Newsletter – October 2014 meeting agenda.

Newtown Newsletter 14.08: 27/9/14

Newtown Newsletter 14.07 : 14/9/14

Newtown Newsletter – September Meeting and AGM

Newtown Newsletter – Meet the Candidates Meeting Promo

Newtown Newsletter Issue 14.06

Newtown Newsletter – Meet the Candidates Meeting Promo

Newtown Newsletter Issue – August  Meeting Promo

Newtown Newsletter Issue – July Meeting Promo

Newtown Newsletter Issue 14.05

Newtown Newsletter Issue – Open Day Promo

Newtown Newsletter Issue 14.04

Newtown Newsletter Issue 14.3

Newtown Newsletter Issue 14.2

Newtown Newsletter Issue – Festival Event Promo

Newtown Newsletter Issue 14.1

Newtown Newsletter Issue 13.6

Newtown Newsletter Issue 13.5

Newtown Newsletter Issue 13.4

Newtown Newsletter Issue 13.3

Newtown Newsletter Issue 13.2

Newtown Newsletter Issue 13.1