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Minutes of the May 2023 Meeting

Notes from the Newtown Residents’ Association meeting 15 May 2023.

Information from WCC about Newtown Parking Plan, Newtown to Island Bay transitional cycleway and Berhampore village upgrade. 

Vida Christeller, Manager City Design, and Seb Bishop from the Engagement Team attended the meeting to talk about these projects. This was a preliminary discussion, to be followed up in July or August, with formal consultation in September. An information sheet was circulated outlining the process. [The link given in the sheet is out of date. Use this instead for further information-]

Newtown Parking Plan: At present there are very few parking restrictions in Newtown or Berhampore, meaning that a lot of the parking is taken up by commuters. The expectation for the future Newtown Parking Plan is that much of the parking will be P120 with Residents exempt, with exceptions as appropriate. The formal consultation about the proposals will be in September.

There will also be consultation in September for extending bus and bike road space between Newtown and Island Bay. Seb drew our attention to a report available on consultation regarding bike lane space.  This can be downloaded from:

Wellington Hospital is working with Council discussing options, particularly regarding parking.

There were numerous comments and questions from the meeting attendees, many about Newtown parking pressures. This included issues about residents’ parking permits – the cost ($195 pa), and the fact that there are many more permits issued than spaces available – which will be addressed in the plan. There will be a variety of priorities regarding who can purchase resident parking permits and who can get an exemption.

What is Reveal?  Rhona Carson, Association President, has had an email saying ​​Reveal will be collecting data along Rintoul St, Luxford St, Adelaide Rd, The Parade, and Reef Street between May 21st and June 9th, but it’s not clear what Reveal is and what the investigation is about. Vida and Seb were not entirely sure, but will find out. [Update from Seb – “This is a project that uses penetrating radar to help see what’s beneath the road. This will produce an accurate map of all the utilities underground which will be extremely useful as we plan and design projects for our city.  You can find out at”]

Rhona thanked Vida and Seb for coming to the meeting. We will look forward to further information in the coming months.

An update about the  Proposed District Plan hearings.

There is a lot of information on the Council website regarding the Proposed District Plan – see

The PDP is now being considered by Resource Management Commissioners.  This is happening in phases, with numerous different streams about different topics. Rhona has made oral submissions on behalf of the Association on Stream 1 – Strategic Direction and Stream 2 – Residential Zones, based on what was in our original submission. Currently those who commented on heritage are being heard – this is stream 3. 

Stream 4 starts on June 20th [now delayed until June 22nd]. This covers Centres (ie City Centre Zone, Local Centre Zone, etc). Kainga Ora has made a submission proposing that Newtown should be designated a Town Centre, with buildings up to 36m permitted.  Many in the Association believe that there is already more land designated than is required, and allowing more height won’t increase the housing supply but potentially will result in a few large blocks shading everything around them. We intend to argue against the KO proposal. Let Rhona know if you would like to be more involved in this topic – email

Ideas for celebrating the Newtown Residents’ Association 60th Anniversary on Saturday July 29th.

The ideas discussed mostly centred around commemorating Newtown’s history. There was a proposal to book a venue for the day, as a base for displays and activities.

People are needed for an organising group for the Anniversary celebrations.  Please think about this, and contact if you are interested.

Newtown Community Centre

The Centre was reopened on May 12th. Tom Law noted that there were to be Open Days 5-7pmThursday 18th May and 2-4pm Sunday 21st May.

The next meeting will be on Monday June 19th.

Minutes of the April 2023 meeting

Notes of the Newtown Residents Association Meeting, Monday 17 April 2023
Rhona Carson (Association President) welcomed everyone and introduced Katie Sharp, Advisor – Community Resilience and Recovery, from Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO).

The first part of the meeting was about planning for future events

  • Meet the Candidates Meeting for the General Election. It was agreed to hold a meeting on Monday 25th September, at the Salvation Army Hall in Newtown.   
  • Emergency Response Practice at the Newtown Community Emergency Hub (at Newtown School). Katie Sharp spoke to this. She proposes meeting on a Sunday, she will look at suitable dates and get back to us.
  • Proposed Newtown History Walk. The meeting discussed possible approaches to exploring Newtown’s history, including pre-european oral history and sites of significance. A small goup volunteered to form a planning group to take this further.
  • Clean up Newtown events. There is potential for organising more of these events but they need someone – or a group – to coordinate them. See the full minutes for further discussion about cleanliness issues in Newtown.

Newtown Community and Cultural Centre progress. Tom Law (Chair of the NCCC Trust) reported that the reopening will be on 15 May.

WCC Annual Plan

Rhona circulated copies of the engagement document – provided by Newtown Library. Also printed copies of the Submission Form – which can also be found online. Noted that apart from Q1 – Do you have any overall feedback about the 2023/24 Annual Plan –  and Q2 about proposed changes to the Rates Rebate, all the other questions are about feedback about a variety of new or increased fees.  See for more information.

The work to be done this year was already agreed in the last Long Term Plan. The engagement document sumarises the planned activities. There are only a few which directly affect Newtown.

The Annual Plan consultation closes on April 30th.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Annual Plan – GWRC Cr Yadana Saw outlined this consultation.

See more at Submissions close on April 26th.

Meet the Candidates: 2022 Local Body Elections

The Newtown Residents’ Association has organised two local body election meetings – one for the Greater Wellington Regional Council candidates on Tuesday 13th September and a joint one for Paekawakawa/Southern Ward and Te Whanganui-a-Tara Māori Ward candidates on Monday 26th September.  In past years we have served supper at these meetings but this year we are making an extra effort to minimise the risks of Covid infection, so we are forgoing supper and we are encouraging attendees to keep wearing masks!

These meetings are an opportunity to put faces to the names of candidates and hear their thoughts about why you should vote for them. Voting papers are being posted from September 16th, and need to be submitted by midday on Saturday October 8th – either by post or dropped in to one of the specially marked ballot boxes – see for voting details, including how to make a special vote if you need to do this.

Tuesday 13th September 2022, Meet the Candidates for the Greater Wellington Regional Council – Salvation Army Hall, 4 Normanby St, Newtown. Doors open at 6.30pm, meeting starts at 7pm sharp. Patrick Morgan will be facilitating. There are 12 people wanting to represent Wellington on the Greater Wellington Regional Council, with 5 seats available. How will you know who to vote for? Come to our meeting, put faces to the names and hear what they propose to do if elected.

What does the GWRC do? If you want a better bus or train service, clean drinking water, effective flood protection and emergency services, then this is the Council responsible! See – and here for the list of candidates – Click on each name to read about the person.

Monday 26th September 2022, Meet the Candidates for the Wellington City Council Paekawakawa/Southern Ward and Te Whanganui-a-Tara Māori Ward – Salvation Army Hall. 4 Normanby St, doors open at 6.30 pm and meeting starts at 7.00pm sharp. Robin Payne will be facilitating.  There are 10 people standing for 2 Paekawakawa/Southern Ward seats, and 3 for 1 Te Whanganui-a-Tara Māori Ward seat.

You can see all the candidates for Wellington City Council here –…/info…/candidate-information . Click on a person’s name to find out more information about them.

As yet we haven’t organised a meeting for Mayoral Candidates. There are so many Ward candidates to hear from that we decided not to try and add the Mayoral candidates to the same meeting.

One alternative possibility is a meeting on 5th September, 6-7.30pm at St Peters Church in Willis St, organised by Inner City Wellington, where Paul Eagle, Andy Foster and Tory Whanau will be speaking- Here’s the Eventbrite link.

Another possibility is the ‘It’s in the Ballot’ Mayoral Candidates Meeting, September 7th 6.30-9.30pm. ‘It’s in the Ballot’ is a spin off of the TV Show, It’s in the Bag, where the Candidates pick boxes and answer the questions inside the sealed boxes. The show is broadcast live, on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch, and you can also attend in person at Khandallah Town Hall & Cornerstone Community Centre

See for more events, including an ‘It’s in the Ballot’ show for Paekawakawa/Southern Ward on 18th September 6.30pm, online or at Te Whaea – National Dance & Drama Centre – Rm D10

Notes from the August 2022 meeting

This meeting was held at the Community Lounge at St Thomas’s Church on Monday 15th August. These are notes from the discussion, see below for the full minutes.

WCC Waste Minimization Plan

WCC has a Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Action Plan. The expectation is that WCC will set up a working party about this, we are waiting to hear more.  We are interested to hear from people who would like to be part of this consultation.

‘Meet the Candidates’ Meetings

Greater Wellington Regional Council has 12 candidates, there are 9 candidates for Mayor,  Paekwakawa / Southern Ward has 10 candidates and the Māori Ward 3 candidates.

GWRC candidates are not invited to as many meetings as City Council candidates, but the issues GWRC are involved in have a big impact – e.g. public transport, LGWM, Wellington Water. The meeting agreed that a separate meeting for GWRC was a good idea; potential dates are 12th or 13th September.

We agreed to inviting Paekawakawa/Southern General Ward & Te Whanganui-a-Tara Māori Ward candidates to a meeting on 26th September, but were undecided about having the Mayoral candidates as well because of the large number of people that would be involved. There might be options for a separate meeting with the Mayoral candidates, or for attending one of the other meetings in the city. Sam Somers has organised an online ‘Its in the Ballot’ meeting for Mayoral candidates on September 7th.

It was decided that we would not have supper at the meetings as that would increase the Covid risk.

Picking up Rubbish

Rachel introduced the plan to organise an event in Newtown as part of Clean Up NZ week (17-23 September). The Sustainability Advisor at Wellington Hospital has approached us about a joint event the Hospital staff could take part in. Friday 23rd September is suggested as a day that would suit them. 

Rachel is willing to carry on with the organising, further details TBA.

Transport issues

Cycleway Consultation – this has restarted, following the resolution of the court injunction. Proposed changes:

  • At the corner of Riddiford Street and Mein Street, to continue the cycleway along the left hand side of the street and remove car parks outside Newtown School so cyclists can go straight ahead. This will need changes to traffic lights and phasing so cyclists and left turning cars don’t collide.
  • Cycle speed at the entrance to the hospital car park can be an issue.
  • The area where the bus lane ends and three lots of traffic merge needs adjustment.

Submissions are due by 31st August. It’s expected that the Councillors will make a decision on 15th September, and if approved work will start a couple of weeks after that.

‘Reshaping Streets’ – Waka Kotahi has opened consultation on proposed changes to legislation to make it easier for local authorities (like councils) to make street changes that support public transport, active travel and placemaking. Submissions are due on September 19th. See for more information.

Streets for People Announcement:  on Tuesday 6th September at 10.30am there will be a celebration at Newtown School as the Hon Michael Wood announces the councils (including Wellington) who have been selected for funding for transport changes. 

Wellington Water

There is continuing concern about the fluoridation issues.

There was a discussion about management of the organisation.

  • This is a long-standing issue
  • Perhaps there is a link between earthquakes and increased water leaks.
  • Wellington City Council is trying to improve mapping of pipes, creating a Digital Twin using some ‘Better Off Funding’.  The city is also using this fund to support social housing and other things.

Special Awards

Cr Fleur Fitzsimons noted that Association President Rhona Carson has recieved an Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian award for her work with the Association, Newtown Festival, and other community work.  Rhona was congratulated by the meeting attendees, and responded with thanks.  She noted that six present or past executive members of the Association have received these awards over the years: Martin Hanley (twice!), Anna Kemble Welch, James Coyle, Peter Frater, Rhona, and Tom Law who was also recognised for his many community contributions at the ceremony last week.

Proposed District Plan Consultation

There are accessible presentations about the Plan on the Council Website.

A planner at the library drop-in consultation was asked about limitations to building because of inadequate infrastructure, and said that Newtown will be a high priority for pipe upgrades.

There is one more month to get submissions in. Further opportunities to discuss submissions will be considered.

Notes from the May Meeting

Brief Notes from the Newtown Residents’ Association Meeting, Monday 16 May 2022 – see below for the full minutes.

This meeting was held in person, for the first time in 2022. The venue was the Wellington City Mission/St Thomas’s Community Lounge, and we are very grateful to be able to use this space.

There was a comparatively small attendance, with many apologies because the meeting was being held on Easter Monday.

In Memory

The meeting took a moment to remember Effie Rankin who passed away in March, aged 94, and was to be farewelled with a service at the Salvation Army on Wednesday 18th May.  People shared memories of Effie, who  continued attending Association meetings into her early 90s.

Arthur Winther, long time Newtowner who passed away in April, was also remembered.

Alcohol Harm Reduction Project

Rhona Carson (Association President) welcomed Kate Collyns, the Community Champion at Wellington and Hutt Valley Community Law for the Alcohol Harm Reduction Project. 

Kate outlined the background and current work of the Project. The Community Law Centres nationally have funding to coordinate responses to liquor licence applications, and they aim to work with communities who want to stand up for their wellbeing by engaging with the alcohol licensing process to oppose unethical and predatory businesses from getting alcohol licences.

Kate is interested in considering family and social harm from alcohol, in addition to health issues commonly raised.  These factors can all be raised in a submission.

The presentation was followed by discussion of a number of associated issues. 

It was agreed that, as far as we know, there are no current problems with the licensed premises in Newtown. We have been involved with objections to licence applications in the past, particularly for new off-licences. In general we haven’t objected to licence applications from the local bars and cafes.

It was noted that the Salvation Army and Police are strong supporters of objectors in Newtown.

Kate summarised her offer to help anyone who wants to object to a licence application.  She can be contacted through the Residents’ Association or Community Law.

The meeting thanked Kate for coming to talk with us.

There were brief comments on a number of other issues, including

Thank you to all the helpers at the “Wiggle for Wellbeing” free concert in Carrara Park on May 14th, and congratulations to James Cottrell of Origin Events for a successful event. The concert was supported by Newtown Festival and Wellington City Council, and our Association ran a free sausage sizzle. Particular thanks to Newtown New World for supplying the food, and to Jared Corston from WCC who spent all afternoon on the BBQ.

Is there a Newtown Police Officer? Yes, Sergeant Mike Byrne and Constable Bede Gugliemoni, based in Kilbirnie, work extensively in Newtown.

Workingmen’s Bowling Club Site in Owen St: Funding of $1.5 million for developing this site was agreed by Wellington City Councillors at a meeting on Feb 3rd but didn’t appear in the draft Annual Plan.  Our ward Councillors will pursue getting the funding added to the 2022/2023 WCC Budget.

Meeting on the WCC Draft Spatial Plan, 16th September

We had a meeting to discuss the Draft Plan last night. Our Newtown Residents’ Association sponsored the meeting, but the ad hoc We Are Newtown group, which is a mix of Association members and other Newtownians, did much of the organising. This group came together in response to this Draft Plan. See

The meeting was live streamed on the Newtown Residents’ Association Facebook Page, and you will find it here – or here

This was the programme –

Yadana Saw (who lives in Constable St): was the meeting chairperson. Mayor Andy Foster described the Spatial Planning process and the next steps of developing the new version of the District Plan Cr Iona Pannett – presented the goals of the Spatial Plan and what is intended for Newtown James Coyle spoke on behalf of the Residents’ Association, with concerns about the Draft Plan and proposals for alternative approaches, intensifying apartment building along the main spine of Riddiford St and parts of Mansfield St. Kassie McCluskey – Newtown homeowner, gave her views of the stress caused to residents by trying to deal with the plan in the middle of dealing with COVID-19 and made an impassioned plea for Council to work with the community. Ashok Jacob – from Renters United talked of the dire state of rental properties, how housing is expensive both to rent or buy and increasingly out of reach; more supply is needed. Hilary Watson – Newtown homeowner, gave a vision for a regenerated Adelaide Rd, asking the Council and Government to work together to make this a reality Roland Sapsford – activist, author of ‘Creating Communities not Demolishing Old Homes’ gave a talk along similar lines, emphasising that the best results come when things are done with people not to them. Yadana finished the meeting with reminding people about making a submission by October 5th. 
Cr Fleur Fitzsimons, Cr Laurie Foon and MP Paul Eagle were also in attendance, listening to the discussion and the different views.

Further Action about the WCC Draft Spatial Plan

Come to our Public Meeting on Wednesday 16th September, 

7.30-9.00pm at the Salvation Army Hall, 4 Normanby St

Learn more about the proposals, ask questions, and join in the discussion about alternatives for achieving the goal of increased housing in Newtown.

Find out more about the plans:

On the WCC website: -follow the links and download the full Draft Spatial Plan, or the Summary of Our City Tomorrow (PDF).

Go to the Library or Newtown Community and Cultural Centre and ask to see the hard copy Summary of Our City Tomorrow: A Draft Spatial Plan

The WCC Planning for Growth Team will be at the Newtown Market on Saturday 19th September, 9am-1pm – an opportunity to see the proposals and ask questions.

Have a look at  

Link with Newtown residents concerned about these plans

On Facebook –

On Instagram -@we-are-newtown-poneke

Email – Newtown Residents’ Association –

Meet the Candidates Meeting – Rongotai Electorate – now on September 24th.

Thursday 24th September, at St Anne’s Hall at the end of Emmett St. The doors will open at 7.00pm and the meeting will start at 7.30pm sharp.

The meeting will also be live streamed on Facebook – see

The meeting will be chaired jointly by Newtown Residents Patrick Morgan and Yadana Saw.

The candidates will talk briefly about why you should vote for them, followed by questions from the floor. 

The formal presentations, questions and answers will be followed by supper and time for informal conversation – we hope to see you there! 

The candidates are
Bruce Welsh New Conservative Party
David Patterson National Party
DON McDonald Independent
Geoff Simmons Opportunities Party
Nicole McKee Act Party
Paul Eagle Labour Party
Taylor Arneil New Zealand First Party
Teall Crossen Green Party
Troy Mihaka Integrity Party
Nicole McKee has apologised as she will be campaigning in the South Island, but we are expecting the others to be there.

Use your vote in the 2020 General Election and referenda!
Go to to find out more about the referenda and other issues, to check if you are on the the electoral roll or to enrol to vote.

Advance voting starts on Saturday 3rd October, and Election Day is Saturday 17th October.  You will be able to vote in 2 referenda (End of Life Choice and Cannabis Legalisation and Control), to cast a vote for the political party you prefer,  and to vote for the candidate you want to represent our local electorate for the next three years.

#VoteNewtown;  #MeetTheCandidates

Meet the Candidates Meeting – Rongotai Electorate – postponed

Update, 17th August 2020.

The information about election dates below is no longer accurate.

Now that the election has been delayed until 17th October, with advance voting from 3rd October, we will postpone our Candidates Meeting until late September. There will be a new post when a new date has been decided.

Wednesday 26th August, 7.00 pm at St Anne’s Hall at the end of Emmett St.

The General Election is in September – advance voting starts on Saturday 5th September, and Election Day is Saturday 19th September.  You will be able to vote in 2 referenda (End of Life Choice and Cannabis Legalisation and Control), to cast a vote for the political party you prefer,  and to vote for the candidate you want to represent our local electorate for the next three years.

See here  to see the candidates standing to be the Electorate MPs. In the Rongotai Electorate there are already candidates from 7 political parties, with more to come: nominations don’t close until Friday 21st August. Come to our meeting to hear each of them explain why they want to be the MP for Rongotai!

The meeting will be chaired jointly by Yadana Saw and Patrick Morgan. The formal discussion will be followed by supper and the chance for informal mingling.

Use your vote in the 2020 General Election and referenda!
Go to to find out more about the referenda and other issues, to check if you are on the the electoral roll or to enrol to vote.

#VoteNewtown;  #MeetTheCandidates

Minutes of the March 2020 Meeting

Minutes of the Newtown Residents’ Association meeting 16th March 2020

Present: Rhona Carson (Chair), Steve Cosgrove (Minutes), Leonie Walker, Jane Patterson, Jill Ford, Alison Borbelly, Keith Powell, Tom Law, Don McDonald, Warwick Taylor, Peter Frater, Effie Rankin, Faye Tohbyn, Lyn Morris, Sam Somers, Eileen Brown, Neville Carson, Kevin Lethbridge, Graeme Carroll, Merio Marsters, Marion Leighton.

Apologies: Paul Eagle, Dom Shaheen, Steve Dunn, Martin Hanley, Anna Kemble Welch, Jan Gould + Marion Leighton(for lateness)
Noted that Paul apologised because MPs have been advised to stay away from community meetings due to Covid-19 risks.. 

Rhona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Newtown Festival

  • Rhona thanked all the marshalls and other volunteers for helping. The meeting made an enthusiastic  vote of thanks and appreciation to the organisers for another very successful Festival.
  • Sadly there was one violent event later in the evening; this seemed to be the result of a personal conflict between two visitors to Newtown. The Police and Community Patrol were involved. 
  • Don asked what the noise policy is, as he worries about how loud the Festival is.  Tom Law outlined the Council policy.

Wellington City Council Consultations

Parking Policy. 

  • Consultation opened today and will run till April 14th. WCC had a traveling road show on the subject in Newtown Mall this morning. It wasn’t widely advertised and no one at the meeting knew it was going to be there, or attended.
  • Rhona noted that the policy is very high-level at this stage. We recommend that people look at the material on the website.  The questions on the web site are quite general so Newtown-specific concerns would need to be added in narrative form.
  • Some general issues were discussed.We will consider different things we can agree on, such as further communication with WCC to develop a Newtown-specific plan, and sensible Residents’ Parking areas and fees.

Planning for Growth

  • The WCC Consultation Team were to have a Newtown Festival stall but cancelled because they were not quite ready to go.  
  • Next consultation meeting is on 26 March at Prefab – Jane and Rhona  interested in going. No one had any further comment: Rhona suggested reading the web page and keeping up-to-date with progress on the development of a proposed spatial plan for the city.
  • District Plan Review – this is beginning at the end of this year or early next.


  • Warrick is concerned that water metres are coming back into discussion.  This has resulted in some suggesting we ‘need’ water metres to pay for replacement of aged infrastructure.
  • A number of views were expressed regarding the pros and cons of water metering.


  • Eileen Brown is working for the Council of Trade Unions developing plans and consolidating ideas for “managing the risk and flattening the curve”.
  • The current situation was outlined, along with common narratives being used to describe the situation and management options.  Eileen described then distributed some information.
  • Marion Leighton (Consultant Physician at Wellington Hospital) arrived during this discussion, having been at a hospital meeting on the same topic. She outlined the hospital’s plans for managing an influx of seriously ill patients and also answered questions. 
  • Most important thing is to wash hands frequently and thoroughly, cough and sneeze into your elbow or tissues, don’t touch your face, avoid physical contact with others and self-isolate at the first sign of any symptoms. 
  • We are in this for the long-term, so make sure you have a reasonable plan.

Emergency Management Discussion

  • Neville Carson outlined his background in Civil Defence (previous name for Emergency Management, and introduced “Wellington Conversations” – facilitated conversations on various topics which have been running in Newtown and elsewhere for several months.
  • Neville is organising a meeting to discuss Emergency Management issues on 31 March, 7:30 to 9:30, at Newtown Hall, using a model based on Wellington Conversations.

Circus Performers – Steve informed the meeting that on Wednesday evening (18th Mcaarch) in Carrara Park circus performers will be performing with LED Hula hoops.

Meeting ended at 8:58

Meet the Candidates Meetings

The Newtown Residents’ Association has organised two local body election meetings – one for the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the other for Wellington City Council Paekawakawa/Southern Ward and Mayoral Candidates. This an opportunity to put faces to the names of candidates and hear their thoughts about why you should vote for them. Voting papers are being posted from September 20th, and need to be submitted by midday on Saturday October 12th.

Thursday September 12th, Meet the Candidates for the Greater Wellington Regional Council – St Anne’s Hall in Emmett St, doors open at 7 pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm sharp. Yadana Saw will be facilitating. The meeting will end with supper and a chance for informal chats.
What does the GWRC do? If you want a better bus service, clean drinking water, flood protection and emergency services, then this is the Council responsible!  See here- and here for the list of candidates.

Wednesday September 18th, Meet the Candidates for the Wellington City Council Paekawakawa/Southern Ward and Mayoral Candidates.  Salvation Army Hall. 4 Normanby St, doors open at 7 pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm sharp. Patrick Morgan will be facilitating. The meeting will end with supper and a chance for informal chats. See here for the lists of candidates.

Thursday September 26th, Meet the Candidates for the Capital and Coast District Health Board – St Anne’s Hall in Emmett St, doors open at 7 pm and meeting starts at 7.30pm sharp. 
The meeting will end with supper and a chance for informal chats.

The elected members of CCDHB are the community’s voice in the health service – who do you want to speak to your concerns? Come to our meeting to help you decide!  This meeting is hosted jointly by the Newtown Residents’ Association, MtVictoria Residents’ Association and Berhampore Community Association.
See the candidates here.

Minutes of the July Meeting

The July meeting talked about a number of local issues, including the future of Carrara Park and plans for Mental health Awareness Week in September.

We also talked at some length about planning for Meet the Candidates Meetings for the local body election. Voting starts from September 20th, so we would like to have meetings before then.

Newtown Community Stands Together : Community Dinner

Our Association joined with the rest of New Zealand in shock and grief when 50 people were shot at two mosques in Christchurch, and many more were injured.

Here in Newtown representatives of several community organisations met to talk about what to do, and decided to put on a community dinner to show love and support for the Muslim members of our community.  All of Newtown was invited to come together to share food, support and conversation. Halal food was provided, and interpreters  (Arabic, Somali and Farsi) were on hand to translate where necessary.

This event was held at Newtown School on the evening of Thursday 21st March. It was a wonderful and heartwarming occasion and we are so very grateful to all the people who helped to put it on, and all the people who came and made it such a success. We were privileged to hear some moving addresses from members of the Muslim community, responded to by our MP Paul Eagle. We enjoyed good food and good company, and the many children had lots of fun. Eryn at Newtown Community and Cultural Centre put it well – “people came together to celebrate the love we have for our diverse community and to send a strong message – Newtown is not a place for islamophobia, racism and fascism.” Let’s continue what was started here and go on to strengthen the connections and understanding between all our communities.

Newtown Heritage week

This is a spin-off from the Wellington Heritage Week from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th October.

There is one official Heritage Week event in Newtown – Newtown on Film at the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre, on October 23rd, screening 2 -3pm and again at 6-7pm. Tickets $5. See more here.

There are other unofficial events, in particular a real treat –
St Thomas’ Chapel in Newtown is celebrating the 120th anniversary of its vintage pipe organ. You will be able to enjoy the sound of the historic Hobday organ at St Thomas’ Chapel in a series of half-hour lunchtime recitals at 12:30pm each day on Tue 23rd, Wed 24th, and Thu 26th October, followed by an hour-long recital at 2pm on Saturday 27th, and then in the 9am worship service on Sunday 28th.

The oldest components of the organ were built in 1898 by the celebrated organ builder Arthur Hobday, who had set up business in Wellington in 1896 following a career in Australia, and who lived in Lawrence Street in Newtown until his death in 1912. Hobday built organs in many church buildings throughout New Zealand in the later years of the 19th and the first decade of the 20th centuries.

The St Thomas’ parish history notes that in March 1898, ‘Mr. Hobday was commissioned to build a Pipe Organ to the value of £230 … First appointee [as organist] for the new organ was Mr. F.W. Rowley who took office on 9th January 1899 at a salary of £30 per annum, with Mr. Astridge as organ-blower at 2/- per week.’ Over the years further stops were added to increase the organ’s size and capability. In 1970 the original wooden St Thomas’ Church was fire-damaged beyond repair and demolished the following year. The organ was removed and put in storage until the completion of the current St Thomas’ Chapel in 1982, when half of the organ components were installed in St Thomas’ with a new manual (organ keyboard).

The remaining organ pipes were installed as a new instrument in the former St Cuthbert’s Church in Berhampore. Following the August 2013 earthquake and prior to the subsequent deconsecration and demolition of St Cuthbert’s in 2015, the organ there was gifted to the Wellington Museum, where it is hoped it will eventually be displayed as a working exhibit.








Meet the Candidates Meeting – Tuesday 14th November 2017

We are inviting you to meet the Southern Ward By-election Candidates. This Meeting is at St Anne’s Hall, Emmett St, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th November – the doors open at 7.10pm and the meeting will start promptly at 7.30.

These are the confirmed candidates –
Vicki Greco, Mohamud Mohamed, Don Newt McDonald, Laurie Foon, Fleur Fitzsimons, Rob Goulden, Thomas G P Morgan and Merio Marsters. They have all been invited, and we hope all will be there. Hear their reasons why you should vote for them, their responses to ‘hot topics’ and their answers to questions from the floor.

Supper is provided, so after hearing the formal presentations you can talk informally over a cuppa and a snack.

Postal voting is between 30th November and 22nd December.