Oct 09: Meeting Minutes

Newtown Resident’s Association
Minutes: October Meeting
7:30pm, 19 October 2009, Newtown Hall

Present: Steve Dunn and 10 members

Apologies: Damian Ripara-Davies, Kate Zwartz, Ian McKinnon, Don McDonald, Bryan Pepperell, Maria van der Meel, Phil Gillman, Rex Nairn, Iona Pannett, Celia Wade-Brown, Anna Kemble Welch.

Minutes of Meeting : 21 September 2009.

Membership : Subscriptions is a Gold coin & is due.

Regent Park Housing : Resource Consent application has been made. Local residents have been notified. Steve to follow up with Council the involvement of NRA in the process. Submissions close 11 November 2009. Concerns were expressed regarding : Parking in the adjacent streets by residents of the development. Pedestrian traffic in the area will increase having an impact on the area. People management issues in Carrara Park.

Charitable Trust Status : Wording of rules need to be altered to reflect the activities of the organisation as a charitable outcome for the community of Newtown not so much the members of the NRA.

Southern Cross Hospital: WCC Planner has asked for further details from the applicant

Newtown History Project/Wellington South Licensing Trust History: Student has been retained. Contract starts 1 December 2009.

District Plan Review: Wellington City Council is reviewing plan. Open to consultation.

Wellington 2040 Plan : This is for the CBD and waterfront.

St Annes Presbytery: Being discussed within St Annes faith community. Looking at demolishing Presbytery, moving hall, opening access onto Green St.

Newtown Festival : Newtown CD will be available shortly.  Will be available for purchase from Duncan & Prudence and People’s Coffee. Don has been contacting the grant providers. Quotes have been received.

Progressive Enterprises : Further information being supplied to Council.

Website : A website has been developed. Early draft is available on https://newtownresidents.wordpress.com/

162 Riddiford St: Site needs to be tidied up, fence  needs to be upgraded.

Foodstuffs Site: More information being sought by Council.

Next Meeting – 16 November 2009 @ 7.30pm @ Newtown Hall.