Quick Headlines from the March NRA Meeting

Quick Headlines from the March NRA meeting last night.

Alcohol Policy – Do not miss your chance to hear what is going on and have your say.   Public meeting in St Annes Hall on Thursday 21 March starting 7:00pm

John Street Works – At last the work is complete.  The NRA has decided to put together a paper to WCC setting out what it sees as the “lessons to be learnt” from this.

Basin Options – WCC  vote on the Basin Flyover is to take place Thursday.  Do not be shy about contacting councillors and letting them know what you think about this.

Newtown Festival – the meeting passed a vote of thanks to the Festival Committee for what had been a great event.

Community Survey/Vision Exercise – a subgroup was set up to look at options for carrying out a community survey of visioning exercise.

Super City?  – WCC is about to open a round of consultations on options for changes to the structure of local government in the region.

Newtown Ave Liquor Licence Application – this application has been withdrawn.  The meeting passed a vote of thanks to Anna Costley of the NCCC for mobilising local public opinion on this and the earlier Riddiford St application.