Priscilla Cresent Landslip

The Association extends its sympathy to our near neighbours affected by the Priscilla Crescent lanslip.  The slip, near the Berhampore golf course, happened, with what appears no warning, at about 4.30am on Saturday 1 June 2013. As a result the Council and emergency services evacuated a number of houses above the slip in Priscilla Crescent and Breton Close.
A phone call at 6am with a request to open Newtown Hall in Daniell St in Newtown marked the start of a further step in the response of the Wellington City Council to assist affected resident who were unable to return. Cups of tea and toast were provided in the reasonably warm shelter of the hall by volunteers and Wellington Region Emergency Management staff.  About a dozen people took advantage of the help provided at Newtown Hall.  These folk were allowed to return to their homes around 11am.
Initial reports were that around 90 people were evacuated before daybreak, including about 30 residents of the Kilmarnock Heights Rest Home which was near the foot of the slip. The residents were evacuated to Huntleigh Rest Home in Karori but were allowed to return to Kilmarnock in the late afternoon. Access to the premises is limited due to slip rubble across the road. Anyone visiting Kilmarnock is asked to take care.
However, about 30 residents were unable to return to their houses. Council welfare and housing staff have found accommodation for those residents who could not find their own temporary accommodation. Residents were allowed to quickly go into six of the houses to gather essential items. However two of the houses are deemed too unsafe to enter given the fact the slip has undermined parts of their foundations.
CityCare, Council staff and many other experts are are still investigating the cause which at the time of writing has not been finally determined.