Keep Newtown Clean

The Newtown Community are organising a monthly event to make a difference in Newtown

David Wilcock and his team are inviting residents, business owners, property owners, schools, sports clubs, churches and organisations who are based, or use facilities in Newtown to take part in our first KEEP NEWTOWN CLEAN event on Saturday 6 July, from 8am to 12.30pm.

Newtown Residents’ Association, Newtown Business Group, Newtown Festival, Newtown Community and Cultural Centre, Wellington Timebank and Wellington City Council are all supporting  the clean up day.

Graffitti Poster -July13_2

Paint brushes, paint, gloves, rubbish bags and food will be provided on the day; just turn up with a group of friends or join a team and work together to clean up Newtown.

The plan is to tackle all the tagging and discarded rubbish in Newtown, sending a clear message that we are proud of our cool town and that we will remove all tags.

With the full support of our community we will have a zero tolerance to tagging – we can all make a difference and be proud of Newtown as a place to live, work and visit.

Meet on Riddiford Street outside Newtown New World at 8am.

Feel free to print out and display the July Keep Newtown Clean Poster

2 thoughts on “Keep Newtown Clean

  1. Hi,, what a great idea, good on Newtown Ass.for such forward thinking, Have always wanted to start something like this but didn’t know how. See you all Saturday!

  2. why are you pulling down the posters of bands trying hard to make a name for themselves? this is the creative capital right? or are you trying to force us into phantom bill stickers poster monopoly? think about what you are doing for a second you want to make a difference? what if the difference is screwing people trying to get ahead in life??!?!?

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