The Sounds of Newtown

Newtown has always got fantastic music going on. This Friday 28 June will see Nikita And The Spooky’s album release at the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre. Starting at 8pm sharp, $15 entry and door sales only (after party at Monterey).  This follows closely on the heals of Newtown Rocksteady’s new release “Goin Steady”, and a video release from Katie Thompson and The Shot Band.


Nikita & The Spooky And A Circus Of Men Album Release

Nikita Tu – Bryant is a very talented singer and songwriter, and will bring her beautiful music to the Newtown Community Centre this Friday night. This event marks the release of her debut album “Big Sur”. Recorded at Blue Barn studios in Newtown “Big Sur” has been dubbed Voodoo folk, and sees Nikita joined by a higly talented large band of cello, violin, double bass, acoustic guitar and a range of percussion instruments. The Focus of this concert, which features talented singer Amy Grace in support, will be on created a warm and homely vibe. Curry will be served from 8pm, and you will be taken on a journey listening to the sweet music under lush lamplight.  Listen to a sample.


Newtown Rocksteady Release 2nd E.P. “Goin Steady”

Newtown Rocksteady have had quite a rise from their first performance in Carrara Park on Father’s Day in 2007. (Tell us if you were there?) This year has been momentus for 2 reasons, firstly their 2nd E.P. “Goin Steady” has received fantastic reviews. Released digitally worldwide by LOOP Media you can find it on Itunes, Bandcamp, or can buy the physical CD copy at Baobab Café for $15.

Secondly following the performance on the main stage at the Newtown Festival in March, The band travelled to perform at WOMAD festival in Taranaki, wowing the crowds and mingling with musicians from all over the world. There were over 50 people from Newtown camped with the band in a Blurta style takeover of the event! On the Road Newtown Rocksteady often act as emissary’s for the Newtown Festival itself. You can view photos (taken by Vanessa Rushton and others) from their adventures at WOMAD and listen to the Single “In The Red” here.

KT and Shot Band

The Shot Band & Katie Thompson Video Release “Stop Draggin My Heart Around.”

A lot of Newtownian’s will know and love the classic Stevie Nicks song “Stop Draggin My Heart Around,” written by Tom Petty and released in 1981. Well you can relive the magic again as songwriter Katie Thompson has teamed up with local favourites The Shot Band to make a video and recording for the song. Featuring fab vocal performances from Katie Thompson and local boy Bill Hickman.  Check out the video here.