Earthquake Safe Newtown – The meeting that could save your life


Residents, business and commercial property owners and local workers are invited to to attend a public forum on Thursday 26 September 7pm to 8.30pm St Anne’s Church Hall Newtown
The aim is to better inform the community about the specific earthquake risks and what you can do to mitigate them in our own suburb,
Representatives from Wellington City Council, GNS, REMO (Regional Emergency Management Office), Wellington Zoo and local hospitals will outline the risks and procedures in place in case of an earthquake or other disaster in Newtown.  The Aim of the forum is to understand and address issues to prevent potential risks in case of an earthquake or disaster.
This is being organised by Newtown Residents Association and Newtown Business Group in association with and with help from Wellington City Council.
If you want further information or would like to become involved in helping make it all happen drop us a line

2 thoughts on “Earthquake Safe Newtown – The meeting that could save your life

  1. Will you be publishing details of the meeting? I can’t get down but thats my scary-ass house in your picture :/

    1. Yes we will be publishing a report, and there will probably be some follow up projects. Get along to the NRA meeting in the Newtown Hall Daniell ST next Monday might and get in the frame .

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