I Would Love to be a ….

From time to time shops in the mainstreet become vacant and sometimes stay that way for sometime waiting for someone to come along and take a punt on locating their business there.   But how do people know who what sorts of business might be in demand and be likely to succeed here?   Maybe the answer is to ask the locals.  The latest initiative from the Newtown Business Group is taking precisely that approach.

i would love to be

One shop front that has remained vacant for while is the former travel agent opposite “The Wedge” in Riddiford St.  Now you have a chance to let people know what sort of business you would like to see open there.    The Business Group has placed post-it stickies on the front window of the shop.   Each says “I would love to be a”  with space for you to write what you would like to see happen on that site, and add it to the collection.   Go to it!

2 thoughts on “I Would Love to be a ….

  1. I was disappointed when Gawjus Fings closed (and when Café Laz stopped selling shish kebabs)

  2. I would like it to be my shop selling my locally made jewelry and workshops to refresh/recycle old jewelry. Or anything but cheap mass produce shop, food shop, or secondhand shop.

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