Keep Newtown Clean – this saturday

The monthly Keep Newtown Clean working parties have so far been a huge success.  Not only are we gradually getting rid of the ugly random tagging from the suburb but the working parties are starting to take on a life of their own as a chance to meet other people from the suburb and discuss other ideas for improving our part of the city.
Just turn up outside Newtown New World from about 9:00am in your painting gears.  You will then be given photos of your targets along with the right paint and equipment for the job and off you go.  There is free food and drinks for the workers afterwards.
This particular event this Saturday is a special one. The television media will be attending as well as our Mayor Celia Wade Brown, Councillor Paul Eagle and new Councillor David Lee.  Taje the chance to meet the Mayor and councillors and talk to them about your ideas and concerns.  The latest news is that our event model has been so successful that other communities are wanting to adopt it.   Haylee from the western suburbs and Zandra from Eastern Suburbs will be attending to gain support for their own events to keep their communities clean.
In addition this week WEMO – Wellington Emergency Management will be attending with information to assist with support and information to make Newtown a resilient community to disasters. Look out for Jason Paul for information.  This is the first part of the follow through from the community meeting about Earthquake preparedness that was held at the end of September.
Feedback about Keep Newtown Clean from Businesses and Public has been fantastic.  Some recent comments have been:

  • “Newtown looks so different”
  • “I really like the improvement”
  • “I love living in Newtown”
  • “Newtown has such a positive community buzz”
  • “Peoples attitudes have changed, people are proud of the improvements, people are more positive”
  • “Its great to be able to do something that makes a difference”

At this stage Council support has been promised two more events – that is this Saturday, and one on Saturday 7 December.  We want to ensure Keep Newtown Clean is sustainable and want to have continued support and resources from Council to do this.  Please show your support by turning up and doing your bit on saturday. Ensure we Keep Newtown Clean.
Thanks to our sponsors and supporters – Amadeus Hair, Newtown New World, Placemakers,
SB Maintenance