Transport Spine Part 4: – Team work with Generation Zero

Our Association is working towards developing a fine grain crafted fit of the Public Transport Spine options through Newtown.

Newtown Tram Stop by Jonie Molloy 2012

Generation Zero have been promoting a coordinated approach to Wellington’s transport involving Safe Cycleways, Car Share and congestion free Public Transport. The same things our Association is already underway establishing.

For our November meeting Generation Zero are our feature guest speakers – presenting their ideas for the city and sharing expertise on ways the Public Transport Spine might successfully include Newtown and link to the airport.


Young people are moving beyond the car. They want good choice about how to get around.

There are smarter, cheaper and better ways to solve our traffic problems.

Safe Cycleways, Car Share and congestion free Public Transport.

Smart low-carbon cities designed for people, rather than just cars, are what we need to tackle climate change and to attract young talent and keep our economy humming.

But Wellington’s current transport plan is outdated and expensive – a massive motorway expansion costing more than $2.5 billion and putting at risk the very things that make Wellington special and cool.

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