The Newtown Residents’ Association has a new President: Claire Pettigrew

A message from Claire:

Kia Ora! I’m Claire, and I’m looking forward to being your Newtown Residents’ Association President for the next year. Originally from North Canterbury, I moved to Wellington for university and quickly discovered Newtown was a fantastic suburb to be living in!
I’ve recently returned from Europe, and am now studying towards a Masters of Management. I am particularly interested in volunteer management, and mobilizing young people as volunteers. I have a background in youth development and community resilience. I am passionate about disaster risk reduction; I am a Search and Rescue squad member and a Civil Defense volunteer, and have been working to develop the Newtown Community Emergency Response Plan.
Over the next year I am hoping to work towards developing a vision of Newtown as we want to find it in ten years time, and taking the first steps to achieve that vision.
I welcome contact from anyone who would like to get to know me, discuss ideas or give feedback. I can be reached on
Read more about Claire in the September 22nd issue of the Cook Strait News – page 16, and also page 12.