News from Mt Cook 

Carol Comber, a member of the NRA Executive and also of Mt Cook Mobilised has given us this update of Mt Cook area concerns:
Basin Reserve – the Basin Reserve Trust, a council-run entity, was allocated $21m in the Long Term Plan to fund the Basin Reserve Master Plan.  The Master Plan provides funding for deferred maintenance, and some upgrades like the floodlighting. There are plans to make the Basin Reserve more attractive by creating a ‘village green’ feel, replacing the fences with wrought iron fences, and adding some plantings to link it to Memorial Park.  The Master Plan seems to imply that the heritage-listed  Museum Stand would be demolished. This is not a foregone conclusion, and an application for demolition would require a resource consent. Mt Cook Mobilised has written to the Basin Reserve Trust to suggest they create a Community Forum (like the Memorial Park Community Forum) to keep neighbouring suburbs (e.g. Mt Vic, Mt Cook and Newtown), neighbouring schools, and other interested parties, informed about work on the Basin.

Wellington High School Tennis Courts – Mt Cook Mobilised has been talking with Wellington High School about their tennis courts on Tasman Street.  The courts are not being used because they need repairs. Mt Cook Mobilised would like to see the courts being used, not necessarily for tennis.  Wellington High is keen on the idea of working with the community on this. Mt Cook Mobilised will be canvassing schools in the area and the local community to get some ideas on how people would like to see the courts used.

Flooding at Prince of Wales Park – Papawai Stream by Prince of Wales Park has been flooding, and parts of the stream bank are being gorged out with each flood.  Mt Cook Mobilised has met with Wellington Water and WCC to raise concerns, particularly about the roadway beside the changing sheds on lower Prince of Wales Park, where the stream bank consists of fill on one side, which is easily eaten away by floodwaters.  Wellington Water are working on a plan.