Keep Newtown Clean

Keep Newtown Clean
3rd December, 9am-12noon
This is our quarterly Newtown clean up morning!
Volunteers are needed for painting out graffiti, cleaning and gardening. This is a great way to get involved with the community – just come along between 9 and 12, and meet at the SB Maintenance van outside Newtown New World.  Wear old clothes, all equipment will be provided.  Free BBQ sausages for all volunteers!

4 thoughts on “Keep Newtown Clean

  1. With all due respect Newtown residents assn do not represent the Newtown residents.
    Throwing a few WCC sausages doesn’t make it so.
    The Rockefeller agent (Mike M) now the top adviser to the WCC CEO and major should be a concern for residence of Newtown.
    As a high number of Newtown residents are unrepresented and vulnerable, the people that the WCC now claims a private banker with interests agent who is an X WCC garbage man is qualified for the task .He is clearly not and its is alarming.

    1. The sausages served to volunteers at Keep Newtown Clean are donated by Newtown New World, long-time supporters of Newtown community events. In respect to Wellington City Council, Newtown and other Wellington residents are represented though the ballot box. The Newtown Residents’ Association is a separate local organisation and all are welcome to join and to attend the monthly meetings.

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