Draft District Plan submissions are now due 17th December

Update – today, 14th December 2021, we submitted the Newtown Residents’ Association submission on the Draft District Plan – see below. We also heard that WCC have extended the deadline for submissions to 5pm 17th December. The Draft District Plan link is no longer to be found on the “Consultations and Engagements” page but if you go straight to https://planningforgrowth.wellington.govt.nz/district-plan-review there is a note saying “If you can’t get your submission in on time, we have a grace period until 5pm Friday 17th December.”

On the WCC Website you will find information about the DDP, and also helpful videos about how to read and understand the plan and about how to make a submission. There is a also a Friend of Submitters service provided by the Council, to remove barriers and foster participation in the District Plan review process. Emily Bayliss is a qualified planner who is fully independent and has had no involvement in developing the Draft District Plan, and she can help you make your submission. A brief introduction from Emily is available here.  To contact her for assistance please email friendofsubmitters@wcc.govt.nz or phone 027 803 0080.

If you are familiar enough with the Draft District Plan to know which provisions you particularly want to pay attention to you can either comment directly on the e-plan or in an email – possibly but not necessarily using the WCC PDF form – in which you identify the part of the plan concerned, say whether you support or oppose the provisions or wish to have them amended, and give your reasons for this. This makes it easier for the WCC Officers to identify which aspects of the plan might need attention and amendment. However if your submission doesn’t easily fit into this format you can write a narrative submission and email it to planningforgrowth@wcc.govt.nz.  Whatever you do make sure you include your name and contact details, and say if you would like to take part in a round table discussion with Councillors and other submitters in early 2022. 

The Association has sent a Newsletter to subscribers, with more detail about the proposals and our reaction, you can see it here . When you open this you will find a button top left where you can subscribe to the Newsletter for future news.