Annual General Meeting 2022

The Newtown Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting was held on 19th September at 7:30pm, St Thomas’s Community Lounge 200 Riddiford St.

There was a small attendance, and a number of the Executive members were absent, for a variety of reasons, including the President and the Treasurer. However the meeting was ably chaired by Vice President Jane Patterson.

Jane moved from the Chair that the minutes from the last AGM, which had been circulated, be taken as read and accepted, and this was carried.

President’s Report:

Jane also summarised the President’s Report, outlining the activities of the Association and the submissions made on issues of interest and concern to the Association. A vote of thanks for the President’s work for the most recent year was carried by acclamation.

Treasurer’s report:

Michelle Wolland, the Treasurer, could not be present.  This report was held over until the next meeting.

Election of Officers – the following were elected unopposed.

President: Rhona Carson

Secretary: no nominations

Treasurer: Michelle Wolland

Vice President: Jane Patterson

Executive Committee: Carol Comber ,  Steve Cosgrove , Marion Leighton, Sam Somers, Penny Sturgess, Hilary Watson.

Other Business:

Moved by the Chair: that Peter Frater be made a life member in view of his considerable contribution over many years.  Carried by acclamation.

The AGM will be reconvened at the Residents’ Association meeting on October 17th to receive the Treasurer’s Report.