‘Reveal’: Discovering what lies beneath our streets.

Have you seen people in hi-viz vests collecting data along Luxford St, Adelaide Rd, or The Parade overnight during the past week? They are from Reveal, and they are using penetrating radar to help see what’s beneath the road. This will produce an accurate map of all the utilities underground which will be extremely useful as WCC plans and designs projects for our city.

You can find out more at https://www.reveal.nz/

This work will continue for one or two more weeks, and will include Rintoul St and Reef St.  The details below come from Wellington City Council.

Survey Areas and Carparks required- See attached image for map

DayPlanned DatesShiftApproximate AreaCarparks required (21/23 in total)
121 May, Sun nightFull562A – 2A The Parade1 – outside Community Orchard
222 May, Mon nightFull486B – 562A Adelaide Rd2 – outside 545 & 559 Adelaide 
323 May, Tues nightFullAll Luxford St & Intersection with Adelaide Rd2/3 – outside 28 to 30 Luxford2/3 – outside 208 to 210 RintoulBoth areas are required for temporary bus stops
424 May, Wed nightFull2A – 20 The Parade/Dee St IntersectionNil
525 May, Thurs nightFull24 – 66 The Parade/Tamar St IntersectionNil
628 May, Sun nightPMAM348 – 336 The Parade/Reef St Intersection1 – 50 Rintoul St5 – outside 1,7,14,16 & 21 Rintoul St
729 May, Mon nightPMAM274 – 346 The Parade50 – 112 Rintoul St1 – outside 274 The Parade1 – outside 98 Rintoul
830 May, Tues nightPMAMBalance of 274 – 346 The Parade112 – 192 Rintoul St3 – 2 outside 112 and 1 outside 132 Rintoul 
931 May, Wed nightPMAM216 – 272 The Parade192 – 1/218 RintoulNil2 – outside 179 and 201 Rintoul 
101 June, Thurs nightFull148 – 214 The Parade/Mersey St Intersection1 – outside 163A The Parade
115 June, Mon nightFull68 – 148 The Parade1 – outside 132 The Parade
126 June, Tues nightPMAMReef St, Island Bay460 – 486B Adelaide RdNil
NB: Specific notifications/coning will take place 24hrs prior to an actual carpark being requiredShift; Full = prior to and after midnight, PM = before midnight, AM = after midnight                

To ensure the surveying can be completed as efficiently as possible, roadside parking will not be available in 23 car parks where manholes exist and/or Metlink require temporary bus stops to be setup.

These will be marked with “No parking” cones on the day which will be removed as soon as the investigation works are complete.

Please note – any vehicles obstructing work areas or traffic may be towed to a nearby suitable area. If your vehicle is not where you parked it, please call the WCC Contact Centre at 04 499 4444.

We appreciate this investigation work may be disruptive for residents and/or businesses. We will be doing all we can to minimise the impact on your household and/or business.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience, it is much appreciated and will help us get the job done as quickly as possible.

For more information about the project- Contact the contractors at Reveal

Chris Newton, Investigation Project Manager, M: 0274 484 685, Echris@reveal.nz

Jo Hopkins, Regional Manager, M: 021 449 307, Ejo@reveal.nz

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