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AVENUES AND OASES IN THE CAPITAL: Wellington Civic Trust Seminar, Saturday 18 October 2014

Free Public Seminar

On Saturday morning, 18 October, 9.00 am – 12.30 pm the seminar, entitled “Avenues and Oases”, will explore ways to improve the appearance and enjoyment of prominent – and currently under appreciated – spaces within the inner city. The focus will be on Taranaki Street and Kent and Cambridge Terraces, Wellington’s main north-south corridors.

The Civic Trust is concerned with improving the accessibility and enjoyment of our public spaces, and reinforcing Wellington’s role as New Zealand’s capital city.

Representatives from a variety of interest groups will participate in the seminar, which will commence with an address by Wellington’s Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown.

The keynote speaker will be the well known film director Gaylene Preston, long time resident of Mount Victoria. Already full of ideas to transform inner city spaces we expect Gaylene to bring great energy and inspiration.

The seminar will be held in Lecture Room 1 at Rutherford House, the home of Victoria University’s Business School. The University has kindly provided the venue as a way of fostering the airing of creative ideas.

Further details on speakers can be found on the Wellington Civic Trust website.


Timebank fundraiser

Aunty & the Star People

An amazing film about an inspirational Wellingtonian who sold her house to set up a school for orphans in Tamil Nadu, India.

Special one off screening at Lighthouse Cinema Cuba
Wednesday 8th October, 6pm .  Tickets $25 

You are invited to the Wellington Timebank annual film fundraiser. The Wellington Timebank is a great organisation where people exchange skills and knowledge for time credits. Everyone’s time is valued equally, regardless of what skills are exchanged. Read more about it and about the film here:

Newtown Community Centre Art Workshops

Community Art Workshops are back!

The Newtown Community Centre will be hosting their 5th annual Community Art Workshops from Monday September 29th till Thursday October 9th

For the past four years, the Centre has organised a series of art workshops with the aim to make art more accessible to the wider community, offering a chance for participants to get creative and learn a new skill in a visual arts practice, at a very affordable rate and in a community friendly environment. The classes are headed by local art and crafters keen to share their time and skills with others in an informal and relaxed setting. The classes are designed to reduce the normal financial barriers, with most if not all materials being provided and entry fee being a koha of the participants’ choosing.

The workshops cover a wide range of arts and crafts, from making your own Native American dreamcatchers and traditional Pervian necklaces to purse making and how to make your own paint from natural clays and oil. See the Newtown Community Centre facebook page and website  for the schedule and details for the workshops.

The Centre has always received great feedback from participants who have really enjoyed the opportunity to get creative without having to invest in a costly course or feel out of place at a formal art institution – they hope you can join them this year!

Keep Newtown Clean – Saturday 6th September

Meet outside Newtown New World from 9am onwards this Saturday

Newtown has been looking really good, but there has been renewed tagging in the last few weeks, so there is work to be done!

Community feedback has been positive, and volunteers say that each time they walk past a wall they cleaned up they feel proud to be making a difference.  This is your chance to join in a positive project!  All equipment and materials supplied.  Put on some old clothes and come along.  There is a free sausage sizzle for volunteers, donated by Newtown New World.

Thank you to the sponsors who make this all happen:

Newtown New World – Sponsors –  for the community BBQ, free food and drink

Amadeus Hair – Sponsors – Coordinators

Wellington City Council – Paint and Equipment

SB Maintanence – Contractors –  Dave and Liz  providing their free time

Colin McLellan – the official  photographer

Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers, especially the regulars…well done!  And extra special thanks to David Wilcock, who has been coordinating the monthly clean up ever since it started in July 2013.

See you  this Saturday rain or shine.  And if you can’t make it this month, remember that Keep Newtown Clean happens on the first Saturday of every month.


Meet the Candidates meeting: 7pm Thursday September 4th, St Anne’s Hall

At St Anne’s Hall, 22 Emmett Street, Newtown

Newtown Residents’ Association and St Anne’s Newtown are hosting an evening to meet some of the candidates for the Rongotai electorate.

Among the candidates who have agreed to attend this gathering are:

Sultan Eusoff, Chris Finlayson, Annette King, Russel Norman, Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati, Brent Pierson & Bruce Welsh

The meeting will be moderated by Patrick Morgan.

 All are welcome to attend this meeting to listen to what they have to say and to ask questions.

 The formal part of the meeting will be followed by supper.

The General Election 2014 is on September 20th. 

Advanced voting is available from September 3rd.

More information here about voting in Rongotai – including where and when for advanced voting.

Paul Forrest Exhibition

Event:  The Art Resuscitation Project.

Venue:          The Studio, upstairs @ 146 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington

When:           8th – 17th November

Come along if you can. They’re looking grand.

Newtown artist Paul Forrest is having an exhibition of his new works at The Studio at 146 Riddiford Street for 10 days from 8th-17th of November.

On show will be his new oil paintings on top of old classic art prints that have been gleaned from secondhand stores around Wellington. He’s become the artist as ‘life guard’ breathing the 21st Century into these works, making his mark on them – the art of recycling art.
The artists include; Canaletto, John Gully, Renoir, Gainsborough, Constable, Corot, Vermeer and many more. He’ll be at The Studio 10am -5pm everyday over those 10 days creating new work.

There’s 40 paintings on show. Hung to delight your eye.

You can also go to his website  to see what’s on show.

“Remember it’s not all about selling art. Come and see what I do. That’s free.”September flowers 2013 sml

Newtown Meets the Local Election Candidates

St Anne’s Parish Hall
Emmett Street, Newtown
7:00 pm Wednesday 4 September
Newtown Residents’ Association and St Anne’s Parish invite you to meet the Candidates for Mayor and for the Southern Ward in the forthcoming Local Body Elections.

Candidates for Mayor are:

  • Rob Goulden
  • John Morrison
  • Karunanidhi Muthu
  • Celia Wade-Brown
  • Jack Yan
  • Nicola Young

Southern Ward Candidates are:

  • Paul Eagle
  • David Lee
  • Don McDonald
  • Ginette McDonald
  • Will Moore
  • Brent Pierson
  • Bryan Robert Pepperell

All candidates have profiles published on the Wellington City Council website

We also get to vote for 5 seats on the
Wellington Regional Council.
The candidates are:

  • Daran Ponter
  • Sue Kedgley
  • Mike Fleming
  • Chris Laidlaw
  • Paul Bruce
  • Fran Wilde
  • Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati
  • Judith Aitken

You can check out their candidate profiles on the Wellington Regional Council website

Also worth checking out is the site vote where candidates can also post profiles but where members of the public can post questions for candidates to answer.

The Newtown Hot Issues
We asked Newtowners what their local issues were that they wanted candidates to answer.  This is what people suggested.

  1. What’s your view on the Council’s plans to build safe cycling lanes from Island Bay to the CBD?
  2. What is your position on the fluoridation of Wellington’s water supply? (suggested by individuals on both sides of the debate)
  3. What are candidates’ views on modifying current council policy in regards to encroachments onto road reserves, particularly in regard to cases where the encroachment is historical, is completely inadvertent by the current property owners and where the encroachment does not impact in any way on the public’s use of the road? If they do support modifying the policy, specifically what do they propose?
  4. Are you prepared to commit to implementing the “John Street Protocols” developed by The Newtown Residents’ Assn?
  5. Do you support continued council funding of local events like the Newtown Festival?
  6. When was the last time you dined out in Newtown?

Turn up and make sure they get asked and answered!!  And ask any other questions about stuff that matters to you.

The Sounds of Newtown

Newtown has always got fantastic music going on. This Friday 28 June will see Nikita And The Spooky’s album release at the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre. Starting at 8pm sharp, $15 entry and door sales only (after party at Monterey).  This follows closely on the heals of Newtown Rocksteady’s new release “Goin Steady”, and a video release from Katie Thompson and The Shot Band.


Nikita & The Spooky And A Circus Of Men Album Release

Nikita Tu – Bryant is a very talented singer and songwriter, and will bring her beautiful music to the Newtown Community Centre this Friday night. This event marks the release of her debut album “Big Sur”. Recorded at Blue Barn studios in Newtown “Big Sur” has been dubbed Voodoo folk, and sees Nikita joined by a higly talented large band of cello, violin, double bass, acoustic guitar and a range of percussion instruments. The Focus of this concert, which features talented singer Amy Grace in support, will be on created a warm and homely vibe. Curry will be served from 8pm, and you will be taken on a journey listening to the sweet music under lush lamplight.  Listen to a sample.


Newtown Rocksteady Release 2nd E.P. “Goin Steady”

Newtown Rocksteady have had quite a rise from their first performance in Carrara Park on Father’s Day in 2007. (Tell us if you were there?) This year has been momentus for 2 reasons, firstly their 2nd E.P. “Goin Steady” has received fantastic reviews. Released digitally worldwide by LOOP Media you can find it on Itunes, Bandcamp, or can buy the physical CD copy at Baobab Café for $15.

Secondly following the performance on the main stage at the Newtown Festival in March, The band travelled to perform at WOMAD festival in Taranaki, wowing the crowds and mingling with musicians from all over the world. There were over 50 people from Newtown camped with the band in a Blurta style takeover of the event! On the Road Newtown Rocksteady often act as emissary’s for the Newtown Festival itself. You can view photos (taken by Vanessa Rushton and others) from their adventures at WOMAD and listen to the Single “In The Red” here.

KT and Shot Band

The Shot Band & Katie Thompson Video Release “Stop Draggin My Heart Around.”

A lot of Newtownian’s will know and love the classic Stevie Nicks song “Stop Draggin My Heart Around,” written by Tom Petty and released in 1981. Well you can relive the magic again as songwriter Katie Thompson has teamed up with local favourites The Shot Band to make a video and recording for the song. Featuring fab vocal performances from Katie Thompson and local boy Bill Hickman.  Check out the video here.

Keep Newtown Clean

The Newtown Community are organising a monthly event to make a difference in Newtown

David Wilcock and his team are inviting residents, business owners, property owners, schools, sports clubs, churches and organisations who are based, or use facilities in Newtown to take part in our first KEEP NEWTOWN CLEAN event on Saturday 6 July, from 8am to 12.30pm.

Newtown Residents’ Association, Newtown Business Group, Newtown Festival, Newtown Community and Cultural Centre, Wellington Timebank and Wellington City Council are all supporting  the clean up day.

Graffitti Poster -July13_2

Paint brushes, paint, gloves, rubbish bags and food will be provided on the day; just turn up with a group of friends or join a team and work together to clean up Newtown.

The plan is to tackle all the tagging and discarded rubbish in Newtown, sending a clear message that we are proud of our cool town and that we will remove all tags.

With the full support of our community we will have a zero tolerance to tagging – we can all make a difference and be proud of Newtown as a place to live, work and visit.

Meet on Riddiford Street outside Newtown New World at 8am.

Feel free to print out and display the July Keep Newtown Clean Poster

Quick Headlines from Newtown Residents’ Assn Monthly Meeting 17 June 2013

Big interest in the cycling presentations lead by Patrick Morgan, supported by Martin Hanley and Kate Zwartz.  Look out for separate postings

  • on the work done by architecture students towards the design of an Island Bay to Te Papa cycleway, and
  • on Kate’s innovative design for a Mansfield St to the Basin cycle lane.

David Wilcock’s “Clean Up Newtown” proposal: for an active community lead zero tolerance response to tagging was received with enthusiasm.  A separate posting outlining what is proposed coming soon.

The Association is involved in ongoing discussions with the Salvation Army about their co-joint proposal for a youth training scheme in association with Black Power.  Members felt this is potentially a fantastic initiative, something the suburb could accommodate subject to suitable arrangements concerning the location and level of co-production supervision by the Salvation Army.

NRA is preparing to present the John St Protocols to the WCC meeting next week.  We also heard of Capacity giving extremely short notice to businesses affected by the closure of Tasman St for major works.

Bernard O’Shaughessey reported that the WCC Strategy and Policy Committee was scheduled to considered reports and recommendations arising from the consultation on the proposed Local Alcohol Policy later in the week.  There was some disquiet that the Southern Ward seemed to have been singled out as “a problem”.  NRA engagement on this front will continue to be led by the team  of Bernard, Tom Law and Peter Cooke.  Anyone interested in contributing email us with ALCOHOL in the subject line and we will pass you on to them.    Further consultation on the WCC’s alcohol management strategy and draft local alcohol policy is scheduled to start on 2 July 2013.  A separate fuller posting on this issue coming soon.

Current Consultations

  • Our response to WCC on the review of the Truby King Park management plan will be led by Nick Jennings.  Anyone interested in contributing email us with TRUBY in the subject line and we will pass you on to Nick.  Deadline is 12 July.
  • Our response to the WCC on “Our Open Spaces” will be lead by Kate Zwartz.  Anyone interested in contributing email us with OOS in the subject line and we will pass you on to Kate.  Deadline is 9 July.

Local Election Candidates Meeting and Questionnaire

The Council elections are coming up in October.  Newtown Residents’ Association is planning to hold a local meeting of candidates for the Council elections on Wednesday 4 September in St Anne’s Parish Hall, at the end of Emmett St.   St Anne’s Parish will be putting on supper at the end of the meeting.

Thanks to Peter Frater for picking up the job of organising this Residents’ Association / St Anne’s co-production .  Mark your calendar now for a lively evening out!

In addition we thought it would be fun, and useful, to flush out what the candidates think about the issues that Newtown locals care about.  We thought we would ask all the local candidates to answer a questionnaire for us and pre circulate their answers.  So we want you to tell us what issues you want to hear about.  Drop us a line to with ELECTION QUESTIONS in the title line and we will start building up the collection……..

Community Patrols

Subject: Community Patrols
Received: Monday, 22 November, 2010

Good Afternoon All,

We had a good turn out to the public meeting at Evans Bay Intermediate School last Tuesday evening. We have about 35 people who have completed the initial expression of interest form to become part of a community patrol. I am in the process of sending out Police Security Check forms for these people this week.

Because of the interest in commencing a patrol in the Southern Suburbs (incl. Newtown, Mt Cook, Brooklyn, Mornington, Kingston, Vogeltown, Berhampore, Island Bay, Southgate, Owhiro Bay, and Houghton Bay) we will continue to seek expressions of interest over the next few weeks.

If you know anyone who is interested but couldn’t come to the meeting last week please ask them to make contact with me and I will inform them of the process from here.

We are looking for people to volunteer to be the eyes and ears for the community for 4 hours per month. Safety is paramount for patrols and engaging with offenders is left to Police. There are always two people working together when a patrol is working. The roster is determined by data gathered by Police about hot locations and times, in conjunction with the local knowledge of patrollers.

Community Patrols New Zealand is an independent organisation that works in partnership with Police to keep our communities safer. When these groups get up and running in your areas, they will select their own management committee who will determine the practicalities of how your patrol will operate. I will be the Police Liaison for both the Eastern and Southern Patrols.

Thank you for supporting this venture.

Newtown Community Constable