AGM 09: Meeting Minutes

Newtown Resident’s Association
Minutes: Annual General Meeting 2009
7.30pm, 21 September 2009, Newtown Hall

Present: Steve Dunn, David Birse, Cheryl Robilliard, Kate Zwartz, Neville Carson, Tom Law, Marnie Gower, Fay Goggin, T Pickard, Dave Keyes, Evelyn Hopkins, Peter Frater, Celia Wade-Brown, Dave Smyth, Bernie Harris, Don McDonald, Don McDonald, Mike O’Rourke

Apologies: Ian McKinnon, Dave Patterson, Richard Noble, Jim Candiliotis, Iona Pannett, Martin Hanley, Anna Kemble Welch, Rex Nairn, Maria van der Meel, Bryan Pepperell

Minutes of 2008 AGM: Agreed that the minutes as amended be adopted. Law/Carson

Matters Arising

Chairperson’s Report: Presented by Steve Dunn.

Financial Report: Presented by Peter Frater.

Appointment of Auditor: Agreed Helen Miller, Miller & Associates be appointed as NRA auditor. Peter Frater/Nick Jennings

Election of Officers
President: Steve Dunn nominated by Kevin
Vice Presidents: Martin Hanley & Kevin Lethbridge nominated by Steve
Treasurer: Peter Frater
Secretary : Tom Law
Immediate Past President: Tom Law
Minute Secretary: Tom Law
Committee: Neville Carson, Kate Zwartz, David Birse Nick Jennngs, Peter Kitchenman, Rex Nairn, Cheryl Robilliard

General Business

Constitution: Charities Commission Registration difficulties. Agreed that Rules of the Constitution be amended/updated in accordance with Charities Commission requirements. Peter Frater/Steve Dunn.
Meeting Closed: