Sept 09: Meeting Minutes

Newtown Resident’s Association
Minutes: September Meeting
8:15pm, 21 September 2009, Newtown Hall (following the AGM)

Present: Steve Dunn, David Birse, Cheryl Robilliard, Kate Zwartz, Neville Carson, Tom Law, Marnie Gower, Fay Goggin, T Pickard, Dave Keyes, Evelyn Hopkins, Peter Frater, Celia Wade-Brown, Dave Smyth, Bernie Harris, Don McDonald, Don McDonald, Mike O’Rourke

Apologies: Ian McKinnon, Dave Patterson, Richard Noble, Jim Candiliotis, Iona Pannett, Martin Hanley, Anna Kemble Welch, Rex Nairn, Maria van der Meel, Bryan Pepperell

Membership: Subscriptions is a Gold coin & is due.

WCC Resident Assn Admin Grant: Agreed that the Assn apply to WCC for an Administration Grant. Peter Frater/Tom Law

Southern Cross: Southern Cross proposing to construct a multi storey complex for use by Pacific Radiology. Met with local residents. Will have a low radiation emission. Have yet to apply for resource consent. Concern about traffic impacts, visual impacts, noise etc. Marnie Gower is taking matters up with Wellington City Council including “interested party” status. Agreed that the NRA support residents in their stand. Kevin Lethbridge/Tom Law

Wellington South Licensing Trust History: Combine with Newtown History Project.

Newtown History Project: Victoria University are funding some work for the project (people being selected to do the work). Issue of depository of original Rosier work. Should be able to be updated.  Agreed that Wellington South Licensing Trust History & Newtown History Project History projects be combined subject to funders agreement (if possible to obtain).

St Annes Presbytery: Proposal to demolish Presbytery Building. Approval (subject to conditions) has been granted by archdiocese. Some parishioners want to retain. Karen Holland – be invited to address NRA regarding proposals.

SPCA: Building upgrade at Chest Hospital expected to be finished by end of year.

Millward Lane Developments: Behind McDonalds. 3 properties being developed. Some neighbours have objected because of lack of parking.

BGI Site: Foodstuffs have been asked for additional information by Council.

162 Riddiford St: Building a shop and 6 apartments being erected.

Website: Dave Keyes agreed to update etc.-

Next Meeting: 19 October 2009 7.30pm @ Newtown Hall.