Notes of the Public Meeting 8 February 2010

Notes of the Public Meeting 8 February 2010

Liquor Ban for Newtown, Mt Cook & Berhampore

held at Newtown Hall  7.30pm

In attendence

Annette King MP

Rahui Katene MP

Celia Wade Brown WCC

Bryan Pepperel WCC

Ngaire Best  WCC

Wendy Walker WCC

Peter Cowan Wgtn Police

52 Residents and/or Business owners

Chair – Tom Law

Minutes – David Wilcock

Timekeeper – Steve Dunn


Brian – Rainbow books

Jimmy – Jimmys shoes

Bill McIntyre – Riddiford Laundrette *

Joe – Mediterranean Foods *

Haley Fenwick – accountant *

Jayesh – Rachna jewllers *

Pritilil – Amba Jewlers *

Kim – Francis place panelbeaters *

Ruth Carr *

Paul Dodge *

Gordon – Gordon Rolinson electrical *

Moray Bevan *

Maria Marquez *

Gary Achland *

Brenda Hood – accountant *

Mark MCGill – Newtown Workshop*

Grant Stoddart – Newtown Workshop *

Arun & Meena Patal – Chocfizz*

Phil – Newtown New world *

*correspondence tabled.


TL outlined parameters of meeting

  • To enable residents and business owners to express their views on the public consumption of alcohol
  • Problem was not a 24/7/365 problem (some days/weeks were OK)
  • Meeting was about consumption of alcohol and its downstream effects.

Meeting was opened to the floor for discussion.  The following comments were noted

  • LK – suggested remove seating to remove people sitting around drinking.
  • JA – report on damage to Caltex garage caused by groups of young men drinking from cars.
  • LB – effects of alcohol, noticable problem area outside New World supermarket, begging, drinking and obscene behaviour. Not a good impression.
  • NH – Problem drinkers, bottles left behind, people drinking then going into the zoo bar intoxicated. Rubbish left behind and damage. Been in Newtown approx 18yrs and noticed the decline.
  • HB – drinking in the street, noise, unruly behaviour
  • RT – works at the hospital, supports a liquor ban – how would it be policed.
  • BH – Alac  its a society problem which alcohol brings, antisocial behaviour. Problem needs to be addressed directly.
  • BP – supports addressing the problem and supports liquor ban. Caltex station problem lowers the standard of the area.
  • LW – from AUS to NZ. No alcohol in public events …result no problems.
  • Max – Social system is also to blame. Social welfare paying money to beneficiaries to only end up spending on alchohol. Responsibility needs to be taken.
  • CWB -quoted Sir G Palmers report due in April.  Useful to incorperate with councils liquor ban.
  • RA- Ask WCC to deal with the Newtown issue a  priority. Support from Capital Health to resolve the problem and support Liquor ban.
  • J – Own shop and local shops suffering damage, broken windows, bottles littered and broken
  • JZ – appeals to govt to introduce beer with low alcohol content and high on taste.
  • AK- indentifies low cost alcohol and alcopops as a contributing factor.
  • Appeal the WCC to get on with the review . Action is required for Newtown problem.
  • Sam- recognise problems as mental health, corrections and a place for people to be occupied.
  • Keeping people with problems off the street.
  • LH – Newtown Policy Health board ? Complexity of problems. Mental Health Consumers. Activities and Language outside libriary, collective responsibility.
  • BO-Wet & Dry areas? Sale of liquor. Parts of liquor ban area are working. Liquor licenses are an issue.
  • Tom – Wesley care – mental health, dysfunctional society. Not sure if the ban is the answer. Complex no solution without the people involved. Think creatively.
  • Resident – Mansfield street mental health – people have issues will be crime makers. Support
  • Resident – JA – Caltex, youngsters moved, dont have issues with mental health issues. Issues with younger age group smoking and drinking. Police take no action unless a knife is involved.
  • BO – wet house suggested
  • Sam – suggests music to calm the tone of the street. Talks from experience on the street. Karara park drinking in the park, bottles and broken glass. Use a ban until another solution is found.
  • AK – Liquor ban a tool for the police. Drinking is a problem but want another place. Roturua used as an example, police take alcohol from drinkers.
  • RM – Newtown School, Behaviour has to change, tools used by the school, kind word and also to remove the alcohol from the person. Have to put empty bottles littered in grounds in rubbish. Problems with broken glass.
  • Matt – Culture created by alcohol.  Messege to policy makers ie WCC to think about the use and availablity of alcohol and promotion of alcohol at public events eg sevens rugby. What is the cost of the aftermath eg clean up, police resources, WCC resources cleaning up, hospital.
  • R- Maori MP – Parents to take responsibility
  • BH – Problem shifting, need unity in the council to support decisions and our community.
  • TL – Newtown is tolerant. With reforms, community recipient of huge service put stresses onto our community eg Mental Health.  Recommend increase of support together with a liquor ban same as in the city. Sir G Palmers (law Commission) report will be presented to Government and will take 3 to 5 yrs wait to put in place.  Too long for Newtown to wait.  WCC statistics are not accurate (don’t include all alcohol related incidents), and are not a true reflection of the magnitude of Newtown’s problems. Incidents not recorded as liquor related by WCC or Police. Having the liquor ban will provide the Police with a necessary tool to prevent problems.
  • PC – Police, Praise for Newtown Constable Damian for doing a very good job. Don’t believe there is a displacement. Will support anything to make Newtown better. Needs to be consistent to avoid confusion. . Familiar with Newtown and its problems. The Govt has allocated Wellington Police an extra 10 police constables who are problems solvers. New community approach to be tried in Newtown. !0 community staff to be allocated to Newtown. Enforce key relationships with social services. Will do this for 6 months trial. Start with environmental scan with WCC Laurie G. Audit ?
  • WW – WCC . Will take issues back to the WCC.  Recommends a safety audit. Many agencies with in Newtown and WCC needs to work more closely with all of them.
  • MH – Cararra Park, bottle and glass problem. Request WCC to clean up early every morning.
  • NB – acknowledging the problems in Newtown. To take back the issues to council. Should consider looking at a Wellington City-wide liquor ban.
  • M – asks for commitment from the WCC.
  • L – dont want another report from council


  • BO amendments to motion
  • TL  (a) Call WCC to put in place immediately the process for a liquor ban in Newtown, Mt Cook, Berhampore.
  • (d) Have the mayor and Councillors do this as soon as possible.
  • DM- Confirmation of Liquor ban. From TL as in Wellington city. Any City-wide bann must not slow down the implementation of a ban in the Newtown Mt Cook, Berhampore area.
  • WW- explanation of the process through WCC for Newtown to have a liqour ban. Further Public consultation reqd by WCC.

TL – Asks for raising hands, unanimous for Newtown Liquor ban. (TW asked to have his abstention reecorded even though a ban for Newtown had its positives)