Public Meeting to be held on Monday 26 April 2010

Public Meeting to be held on Monday 26 April 2010
Newtown Hall, Daniell St, Newtown at  7.30pm
to discuss a proposal for a  Liquor Ban for Newtown, Mt Cook & Berhampore

(Very sorry that I am posting this too late, I was emailed the notice on night of the 21st April and it was lost in my email .. only to be found too late, today. My fault entirely. I know that this site receives very low visitor numbers so I do hope that word of this short-notice Public Meeting was spread or publicised widely by means other than a closed mailing list. – Dave)

The previous news story on this site shows the notes of the public meeting held on 8 February 2010. Progress since then has been that council has prepared two documents that put forward three options.  The documents are:

“Statement of Proposal to Amend the Liquor Control Bylaw” and
“Proposal to Amend Liquor Control Bylaw – Summary of Information”

These documents can be found online at and

The summary document has a feedback for on the last two pages. An online submission form can be found at

Submissions close at 5pm on Wednesday 5 March 2010.

The Councl has distribute for public input/comment/response three options:

  1. a ban for Newtown
  2. a ban for Mt Cook
  3. a ban for other suburbs (a city wide ban)

To date the Council has received a considerable number of submissions and responses.  We have been advised that a significant proportion of those responses have indicated opposition to the implementation of a ban.

The meeting on Monday 26 April 2010 at Newtown Hall will determine the response of the Newtown Community and other interested parties to the proposals and will be an opportunity to seek clarification on options.