May 2010 : Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Newtown Residents’ Association

Monday 17th May at Newtown Hall, Daniell Street at 7.30pm

Present: Steve Dunn, Carol Comber, Kate Zwartz, Martin Hanley, David Paterson, Peter Frater, Nick Jennings, Bryan Pepperill, Dean Adams, Bernie Harris, Jack Yan, Laura Newcombe, Kellie Coombes, Kathy Smith, Don McDonald, David Wilcock, Phil Gillman, Kevin Lethbridge, Cheryl Robilliard, Dave Smyth.

Apologies: Ian McKinnon, Iona Pannett, Celia Wade Brown, Tom Law (part) Neville Carson, Anna Kemble Welch, Don Mackay, Celia Walmsley,

Previous Minutes: Minutes from April meeting, approved with the additional note for clarification: that Council would require Progressive Enterprises to allow parking for the general shopping area within the building. A 2 hour limit may be set up and enforced by Progressive to ensure there is parking turnover [Steve D / Peter F] Note: although it was preferred that the provision for parking in the supermarket should be part of the consent, this has to be confirmed whether this qualifies as a consent condition. Action: Steve D to follow up


Kellie Coombes noted that traffic in Coromandel / Mein Streets had increased since the lights went in even when Constable St is clear (cars wanting to bypass the series of lights down Constable?) Local group meeting on site with Stuart Bullen was suggested. Also action on more 40kph signs on roads Action: Steve D to arrange local group meeting.

Papawai Reserve Group
Resolved that the NRA act as a guarantor for a funding application to WCC. Money would be for a sign that explains stream life and contacts when wanting to report stream pollution or accidents. Application should have GST added because NRA is GST registered. See Peter Frater for detail. (Passed unanimously)

Liquor control
WCC Committee will be hearing oral submission this Thursday. NRA at 1.15pm, Peter and Tom to follow. NRA supports the ban for Newtown but does not preclude applying it to the whole city. Some members did not support this. Mt Cook Mobilised want Mt Cook area to be included in the Liquor Control area if it applies to Newtown and get caught in between.

Safety Audit
The police are undertaking a safety audit via a questionnaire. Dean Adams called on those willing to fill out the 15 min questionnaire, to see him at the police base in Riddiford St shops. He is looking for a wide range of participants so that it reflects our community. This is additional to looking at the physical safety of key spots around the area being done through David Wilcock. (lighting, surveillance lines etc)

History project
Action: Martin H to follow up. Betty is difficult to contact.
Southern Cross Hospital – proposed radiology building
Decision from the hearing Commissioner and Councillors is pending.

Don McD explained how he was photographing graffiti in the area and forwarding the information to WCC.

Plan Change 75
Proposed Heritage building status for shops at John /Riddiford /Adelaide Road corner and Riddiford St shopping zone. Discussion on wanting to move shops to allow easier traffic movements around the corner (split views and Ballroom brick building can’t be moved), concern that Council should be more careful when working near heritage buildings (broken plinth tiles when resealing footpath). Concern that Council has been consulting on Heritage status for areas of Newtown over along period and hopefully will not be revising ideas previously agreed on. Action: Clarification on what the process for this Plan Change and when it will be consulted on, will be circulated to members and Councillors.

Newtown Festival
Peter F has sent a letter to Lion Foundation explaining the IRD status and charitable work the NRA does although it is not registered with the Charities Commission; equivalent to being a ‘donee organisation’. An apology has been received from another group that refused our earlier application and invited us to reapply because there was a misunderstanding.

Gold coin donation is requested. Recruitment forms will be set up in local shops.
Action: Martin H to send out a membership recruitment form.

NRA website and advertising
A community notice board will be set up in a local shop to advertise NRA meeting and local

The website has obsolete material. The site is preferred. Action: Tom to remove the NRA website that is being hosted by Wellington Community Net.

Note: Gambling Policy Submission
Hearing last month. Kate presented on behalf of the NRA

Next meeting is on Monday 21st June.

Action: Martin H to see if Guy Marriage or Architectural Centre representative would be available

Meeting closed at 9.00pm. Steve Dunn