June 2010 : Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Newtown Residents’ Association

Monday 21 June at Newtown Hall, Daniell Street at 7.30pm

Present : Neville Carson (acting chair) and 17 members

Apologies : Steve Dunn, Ian McKinnon, Celia Wade-Brown, Daniel Vincent, Peter Frater. Martin Hanley for lateness.

Constitutional Matters : Letter from IRD requiring amendment to the constitution for registration for tax purposes. Can be altered by a SGM. To be worked on by a sub-group for next meeting. Peter to convene group – Peter Don McKay, Nick Jennings, Martin et al on constitutional matters.

Newtown Festival : report backs being prepared for Council. Suggestion to strengthen ties with Soccer community – Newtown Park. Proposed funding will enable mid-week functions to be held – open days.

Liquor Ban : Being addressed by Strategy & Policy Committee of Council this week. Not great support for city-wide but local support for Mt Cook/Newtown/Berhampore

Safer Roads : No speed signs have been painted on Newtown Roads advising of Speed limit, despite being promised by Stuart Bullen in April. Accident at corner of Bidwell/Wallace Sts – Council looking at options (light sequence, traffic flow down Bidwell St etc).

Bus Fare increase : Go Wellington are proposing fare increase and cutting of discounts. Agreed that NRA write to Go Wellington & Greater Wellington expressing concern at proposed changes (Invite a GWRC to address that meeting). Ask GWRC to address next meeting meeting.

Water Privatisation : Amendment to Local Govt Act 2010. Concerns that Councils at the end of 35 years contracts might see the assets sold off. Complex issue. See if an officer of GWRC can address issue at future NRA Meeting

History Project : Contact with Betty being very difficult. Letter has been written.

Historic Area in Newtown : Areas in new document does not include areas/buildings in south of shopping areas. Agreed that Martin contact Council to ensure that NRA concerns as expressed by DPC 40 are addressed. Agreed that a submission in support and additional matters be made.

Street Sign : Adelaide Road sign in error.

Billboard : on triangle building at corner of Adelaide & Riddiford St. A heritage building with billboard is seen as a mismatch of concept. Bernard and Laura to progress.

Progressive Enterprises : Still in discussion with Council. Still concern about the loss of parking in John St, Adelaide Rd, Hanson St. Local businesses still have concerns regarding loss of parking. Promises to allow public parking in Progressive car park needs to be in writing (resource consent condition). Steve to follow up further.

Council Housing Projects : Distress of residents being required to move/relocate etc. Short term occupancy in some blocks. Multi unit development on cnr Constable/Coromandel St

Southern Cross Hospital : seems quiet. Steve handling.

St Annes Presbytery : no progress. Being discussed within parish.

Basin Reserve : Wellington Architectural group are invited to address NRA re options. NZTA to be invited to address August meeting on closure of tunnels.

Website : talk to Andrew re working up of a new website. Remove NRA website from WCN system.

Membership : Gold Coin membership is due

“The Spirit Level” : Nick shared theme of the book – gap between the rich and poor of society.