July 2010 : Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Newtown Residents’ Association

Monday 19 July at Newtown Hall, Daniell Street at 7.30pm

Present : Steve Dunn, Martin Hanley,Dave Keyes, Nick Jennings, Jim Candiliotis, Carol Comber, David Wilcock, Kirk Hope, Lison Harris, Jeanie McCafferty, Laura Newcombe, Don McDonald, Celia Wade-Brown, Joyce Tipene-Stephens, Paul Eagle, Kevin Lethbridge, Peter Frater

Apologies :Kate Zwartz, Ngaire Best, Heather Beaven, Linda Hobman, Phil Gillman, Maurice Priestley, Iona Pannett, Jan Roberts, Rex Nairn, Ian McKinnon, Bryan Pepperell, Neville Carson, Anna Kemble Welch, Cheryl Robillard.

Minutes : June meeting minutes to be circulated.

Newtown Festival : Report backs completed.

Gold Pass : Don has followed up.

Liquor Ban : Comes into effect 10 August

Safer Roads : Road marking of numbers (km/h) still not present. Constable St needs to be resealed.

Bus lane concept for Constable St does not have support because of safety issues. Follow up with Council. Buses should be able to remain in the traffic lane to load and unload passengers.

Parking – local car parks taken up by hospital staff put pressure on local resident and business car parks. 30 minute car parking on Riddiford St not long enough for customers.

History Project : Team has met with Betty Krebs to obtain Newtown historical data. Council has plans of the ward areas of the 1800’s

Local Body Elections : Meet the Candidates meeting to be arranged to be held at the Community Centre. Co-ordinate with Ross Bly. Steve to facilitate

Progressive Enterprises : Resource Consent approved by Council. Copies to be circulated by email to those present. Others can obtain copy from Secretary. The car parking provisions refer to a Staff Travel Plan as well as a clause that allows the 230 car parking to be available to all Newtown shoppers (no restriction).

Council Housing Projects : Te Ara Hou completed. Playground being finalized. Landscaping in complex damaged. Regent Park progressing.

Southern Cross Hospital : Have resource consent. .

St Annes Presbytery : no developments .

Basin Reserve : Architecture Centre be requested to make presentation. http://architecture.org.nz/2010/07/11/basin-reserve-solution

Website : New site at http://www.newtownra.com
This is the same site as http://www.newtownresidents.wordpress.com (est. Sep 09), simply with a shorter web address. These now replace the previous site (http://www.nra.wellington.net.nz).

Curtain Bank : opening on 26 July 2010 at Sustainability Trust, 8 Horner St, Newtown.

Rubbish in Newtown : Rubbish in Newtown streets, gutters etc particularly off the main roads eg Daniell, Owen, Hanson and side streets. Need cleaning. Also vacant lots (Regent/Owen St Cnr). Celia Wade-Brown will follow-up.

Wellington in the 1950’s : Victoria University study being completed. Information circulated by email.

Artificial Turf : Upper carpark area above Te Whaea. Opening Saturday morning. Entrance has been changed to the area closer to Te Whaea entrance.

Finances : With the auditor.

Membership : Gold Coin membership is due for those not paid