Special General Meeting : Minutes

Minutes of the Special General Meeting

Monday 19 July at Newtown Hall, Daniell Street at 7.30pm

Present : Steve Dunn, Martin Hanley,Dave Keyes, Nick Jennings, Jim Candiliotis, Carol Comber, David Wilcock, Kirk Hope, Lison Harris, Jeanie McCafferty, Laura Newcombe, Don McDonald, Celia Wade-Brown, Joyce Tipene-Stephens, Paul Eagle, Kevin Lethbridge, Peter Frater

Apologies :Kate Zwartz, Ngaire Best, Heather Beaven, Linda Hobman, Phil Gillman, Maurice Priestley, Iona Pannett, Jan Roberts, Rex Nairn, Ian McKinnon, Bryan Pepperell, Neville Carson, Anna Kemble Welch, Cheryl Robillard.

Constitutional Matters : A presentation made by Martin Hanley. Purpose was primarily to meet the requirements of IRD for the Newtown Residents Association to be registered as a donee organisation

Included :

Red as deletions

Green as alterations from the Committee

Blue as required by IRD.

Agreed that the existing rules existing rules (clauses 1 to 16) of the Newtown Residents Association be revoked and replaced by clauses 1 to 18 as amended Peter Frater/Martin Hanley

NRA Secretary: Agreed that Tom Law be appointed as Secretary of the NRA. Martin Hanley/Nick Jennings

Meeting Closed – followed by normal monthly meeting