Burglary Update

The Wellington Police together with the Wellington City Council are currently running an operation focused on burglaries, thefts from cars and the unlawful taking of motor vehicles in Newtown and Mt Cook.  Statistics have shown this time of year spikes have occurred in these offences and this operation is a proactive move to prevent these offences occurring.  A large number of these offences are occurring as a result of people not securing their property and allowing offenders an easy target.
A multitude of strategies are underway involving school activities, a crime prevention video on WCC website, a media strategy, crime prevention advice personally and via pamphlets to targeted areas, together with a large police presence patrolling areas identified through our intelligence analysis. We are strongly encouraging the public to be super vigilant in regards to security of their home and vehicles, ensure they lock their doors, alarm their houses, leave nothing valuable on display in their vehicles, report suspicious activity, if they see something which doesn’t look right, report it.
There has already been one successful ‘catch’ this month by Wellington South Community Constable Sam McKenzie.  Sam analysed of number of burglaries to local businesses in Newtown and Kilbirnie and developed a plan, whihc resulted in his catching an offender red handed.  This person was linked to 12 burglaries to business premises in Newtown/Kilbirnie.  The offender is currently in Rimutaka Prison.