A Community Garden for Carrara Park?

Would you like to pick an apple fresh from a tree on the way home from work? Would you like to get your fingers dirty with other gardening enthusiasts in a social and fun environment and meet more of your neighbours? Woul you like to learn more about growing your own food, right here in the city? These are some of the visions behind a proposal currently being considered by the council. And the first place in mind is a sunny little section of Carrara Park!

How has this come about? You may have already read about the establishment of the Newtown Gardeners Group. Others have got together and started gardening the temporarily vacant site at 70 Daniell St. Community gardens have been popping up all over town. It seems growing your own veg is in vogue, and it is about time Newtown joined the party. So a small group of people got together to put in an application to the council for a more permanent garden in Carrara Park. The various sections of council have considered the proposal, and have given their support. The final stage is for you, the community, to voice your support (or concerns. If you would like to do so, you can contact Sarah Adams at Wellington City Council, or you can contact the organisers.

We would also love your input and feedback, and when the time comes, we hope you will join us when we turn the first sod. The first stage is design. We will be careful to make sure we retain the functions of the existing park, and keep the open space for games or picnics. If you would like to be a part of this, then get in touch and we can let you know when we meet and what we are planning. For

2 thoughts on “A Community Garden for Carrara Park?

  1. Whilst I think this is a great initiative I am writing to express my concerns about a community garden in Carrara Park. I am sure with good community consultation we can find some solutions.

    They are

    Very careful consideration and consultation needs to take place with regard to the placement of any such garden.
    I have lived beside the park since its inception and my son grew up playing out there along with other neighbourhood kids.
    Priority needs to be given to the space as an area that people especially the children, can move about freely and kick balls etc this is what the park was created for and it does get used regulary particularly in the summer months. Suggestions to put the gardens in the main playing area on the south side of the park are completely wrong and will lead to frustration for people playing and broken plants.
    The suggestion to take out one of the trees in this area makes me feel extremely upset – they are a precious part of the park, every single one of them!
    Is there a long term commitment from the people initiating this project? What happens if they move away from the area?
    How do we deal with the ‘messy’ side of gardening – compost etc?
    How do we keep the gardens safe and respected in this enivronment which has the propensity to attract people who load up on alcohol and pot and lose their judgement? They tend to leave the detritus of their excess in the park without any respect for the park or other users, particularly children. (this is a larger community issue that needs thought – some alcohol ban signs in the park would help this)

    Kind regards


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