Minutes of 2013 Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on Monday 30 September, followed by a brief monthly meeting.  Download the minutes – note these are draft until conformed by the next AGM.

A new Executive and other office holders for the year were elected.  They are:

  • President: Martin Hanley
  • Vice–presidents: Jeanie McCafferty, Kate Zwartz and James Coyle
  • Immediate Past President /Minutes secretary:  Steve Dunn
  • Secretary:  Ken Allen
  • Treasurer: Peter Frater
  • Executive Committee members: Laura Newcombe, Will Moore, Daphne Pilaar, David Wilcock, Carol Comber, Neville Carson, Steve Cosgrove, Kevin Lethbridge – Membership, Cheryl Robilliard.
  • Newtown Festival Director:  Martin Hanley.
  • Newtown Festival Committee:  Anna Kemble Welch, Tom Law, James Coyle
  • Newtown Festival Review Team:  Steve Dunn, Peter Frater,with authority to co-opt others