Newtown Cycleway: Better screen display of the drawings

Viewing Tip 1: How to Change Adobe Page Display

When viewing the Cycleway Route Map drawings on your screen using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat you might find you need to re-set the Page display.

Depending on your Adobe settings the contours, streets and building outlines can sometimes display overly dark, as an overpowering background.

The Cycleway drawings  become more readable if you turn off “Enhance thin lines”

Snapshot frm A_reader 1_Page_1Follow these simple steps

[Click here for a PDF download of these Viewing Tip Instructions ]

  1. Under the Edit drop down menu select: Preferences Snapshot frm A_reader 1_Page_2
  2. In Categories select: Page Display
  3. Un check the tick box for: Enhance thin linesSnapshot frm A_reader 1_Page_3
  4. Click on: OK

Viewing Tip 2: Easy Zoom in

Using the Magnify Glass ToolSnapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_1

Snapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_2

Snapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_3And snap back to full Page ViewSnapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_4


Snapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_5Enjoy your viewing