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Seeking memories of Berhampore: from 1915 – 2015

Do you have memories of Berhampore or Berhampore School that you can share?

Berhampore School is turning 100 in 2015 and a group of parents hope to build a picture not just of the school itself through those 100 years, but also the community of which it is a part.
Berhampore School opened in 1915. Prior to this many Berhampore children went to South Wellington School (South Wellington Intermediate School) and it had become overcrowded. Former Berhampore students recall playing marbles in the driveway, doing handkerchief drills, and drinking curdled school milk.  Today the school has a multicultural roll of 235 students and a reputation for inclusivity and community building. 
Well-known Berhampore students of the past include writer Robin Hyde and sports commentator Keith Quinn, while playwright Roger Hall was a teacher there.
Stories from the Berhampore community past and present will be compiled into a book which will be sold during centennial celebrations over Labour Weekend 2015 as a fundraiser.
Anyone interested in being interviewed for the book should contact Sadie Coe on 9722270 or or c/- Berhampore School, 105 Britomart Street, Berhampore, Wellington 6023
Facebook members can join the Berhampore School Centenary page.

W.C.C. Local Hosts for Newtown

October 2014 will see the Local Host team branch out into the suburbs for the first time.

Local Hosts are Wellington City Council ‘street ambassadors’, and they are starting their third year of operation in November.  Their Team Leader, Gary Haddon, tells us that in the first instance Newtown, Kilbirnie and Miramar will see the team in green walking around the streets during day light hours on a Monday to Friday. A dedicated number of hours will be given to each suburb and the main focus will be on community. This will mean visiting community centres, Community Policing teams, drop-in centres, retailers, cafés and restaurants, libraries and so on.  The team will continue observing and reporting on issues such as graffiti, city infrastructure, city safety and continue their relationship with the vulnerable community and service providers.

While they are starting with Newtown, Kilbirnie and Miramar, they will respond to need and visits to suburbs will change accordingly.

You can find out more about Local Hosts on the WCC website.


Next Meeting: Monday 15th September 2014 at 7.30pm

At the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

The September Meeting will be the Newtown Residents’ Association AGM

The main items of business for the AGM are the presentation of the Annual Reports and Accounts and the Election of Officers and Executive Members for the next year.   If you are interested in becoming involved on the Executive of the Association, or would like to nominate someone else for a position (with their agreement), please let us know (by dropping us a line at   Nominations will also be accepted at the meeting.  Please note that nominees and voters need to be financial members – if you haven’t yet paid your 2014/15 subscription bring along your gold coin and sign up at the start of the meeting.

Guest Speakers – details to be advised

In September the Wellington City Council will begin consultation on the Urban Growth Plan and the Long Term Plan.  We are inviting WCC representatives to speak to the meeting about these initiatives.

Other items?

You are welcome to email us at if you have suggestions for the agenda.


Map:  Location of the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

Keep Newtown Clean – Saturday 6th September

Meet outside Newtown New World from 9am onwards this Saturday

Newtown has been looking really good, but there has been renewed tagging in the last few weeks, so there is work to be done!

Community feedback has been positive, and volunteers say that each time they walk past a wall they cleaned up they feel proud to be making a difference.  This is your chance to join in a positive project!  All equipment and materials supplied.  Put on some old clothes and come along.  There is a free sausage sizzle for volunteers, donated by Newtown New World.

Thank you to the sponsors who make this all happen:

Newtown New World – Sponsors –  for the community BBQ, free food and drink

Amadeus Hair – Sponsors – Coordinators

Wellington City Council – Paint and Equipment

SB Maintanence – Contractors –  Dave and Liz  providing their free time

Colin McLellan – the official  photographer

Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers, especially the regulars…well done!  And extra special thanks to David Wilcock, who has been coordinating the monthly clean up ever since it started in July 2013.

See you  this Saturday rain or shine.  And if you can’t make it this month, remember that Keep Newtown Clean happens on the first Saturday of every month.


Meet the Candidates meeting: 7pm Thursday September 4th, St Anne’s Hall

At St Anne’s Hall, 22 Emmett Street, Newtown

Newtown Residents’ Association and St Anne’s Newtown are hosting an evening to meet some of the candidates for the Rongotai electorate.

Among the candidates who have agreed to attend this gathering are:

Sultan Eusoff, Chris Finlayson, Annette King, Russel Norman, Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati, Brent Pierson & Bruce Welsh

The meeting will be moderated by Patrick Morgan.

 All are welcome to attend this meeting to listen to what they have to say and to ask questions.

 The formal part of the meeting will be followed by supper.

The General Election 2014 is on September 20th. 

Advanced voting is available from September 3rd.

More information here about voting in Rongotai – including where and when for advanced voting.

Next Meeting: Monday 18th August 2014 at 7.30pm

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Cycleway Citizens’ Panel Update what happens next?

Guest speaker – Paul Barker, Safe and Sustainable Urban Transport Manager, Wellington City Council.

Identifying Local issues

Report on current local issues.

Residents’ Association Consultation Process

Continuing discussion of ideas for improving our consultation process.

Wellington Urban Growth

Discussion of  plans for residential growth along Adelaide Road – Riddiford Street.

Newtown Festival 2015 – the longest month ever!

6 weeks of events from 13th February 2015 – Celebrating Newtown!

125 stall bookings already received for Fairday.

Many inquiries from bands interested in taking part in next year’s Festival.

Zoo  Carparks    

Carparks in Mansfield St now p180, to allow more turnover of carparks for people visiting the zoo.



Next Meeting: Monday 21 July 2014 at 7.30pm

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Newtown Community-Driven Emergency Response

Claire Pettigrew will report on the initial meetings that have been held to spark off a Newtown Community-Driven Emergency Response Plan.
The idea is this plan will cover how the community plans to self-activate and respond in the initial stages of a large-scale emergency – primarily the first 72 hours.
Supported by the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO), a community working group will develop a plan that details goals, identifies resources and vulnerabilities within the community, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved in responding.
While the Community Emergency Response Plan does have WREMO and WCC backing, ownership will remain with the community.

Consultation Process

Jeanie McCafferty will run a discussion on ideas for improving our consultation process

WCC  Energy Challenge

Councillor David Lee will provide an update on the Shyft carshare scheme and the other council energy challenge projects

Cycleway Citizens’ Panel Update 

Progress Report

Newtown Festival

2015 event  update


Newtown Cycleway Update:

Newtown  Safe Cycleway 2014 

This summer Red Design Architects were commissioned by Wellington City Council to convene a team of architecture and landscape post graduates and students to investigate options for the Cycleway project from Dee Street to John Street, through Berhampore and Newtown to Mount Cook.


The drawings and   Newtown Safe Cycleway Design Report hosted here are a summary of the cycleway research and community design work undertaken by Red Design Architects’ Urban Activation Lab team* during the summer of 2013 – 2014.


Newtown Safe Cycleway 2014 Route Network Drawings – Edition 3.9

The Newtown Safe Cycleway 2014 PDF records a masterplanned network. The i page accompanying each route map summarises key details, explaining the content. The current latest copy of the book of the Cycleway Network Route Maps, which includes an outline of the safety configurations proposed, and the precedents researched can be downloaded here.

Right click on Newtown Safe Cycleway 2014 Route Network Drawings-3.9 and select “Open in a New Tab”   This download file from Red Design’s Urban Activation Lab is 46MB because of the zoom in mapping it contains. After opening in a New Tab it displays best if you select download and open in Adobe Reader / Acrobat.  For clarity when viewing the route maps the background and contours become more readable if you turn off “Enhance thin lines” which is a tick box found in the Adobe Preferences – Page Display options. Click here for step by step instructions.


Based on community ideas these Cycleway Network drawings were prepared over the several months using a living document protocol. Well resolved accurate drawings were prepared and used with the designers explaining the content and facilitating meaningful consultation of options with groups of cyclists, residents and retailers.

The drawings used for discussions with locals, cyclists, and schools were then modified, re-drawn accurately embodying local refinements and suggestions. Some detailed options were retired.

The resolved scheme content arrived at is the result of an evolving community blueprint, a framework still flexible and potentially open to the inclusion of future ideas based on fine grain community knowledge and experience. The Urban Activation Lab have paused work on this for the time being but after you have had a look at the detailed mappings do feel free to email them suggestions if you have something you’d like to comment on.

The team has worked hard to fit the Newtown Cycleway into the streets and parklands it connects and would welcome additional local input before it presents this work to the WCC convened Citizens’ Cycleway Advisory Panel.

Feel free to email suggestions to


Urban Activation Lab

Urban Activation Lab Cycleway team  summer 2013- 2014   Red Design* would like to acknowledge the efforts of the team of undergraduate and post-graduate architecture and landscape students from Victoria University of Wellington, coordinated by project manager Sean O’Brien,  who contributed to our Newtown Safe Cycleway project. Their dedicated work ethic and professionalism have greatly benefitted the Newtown Safe Cycleway.

The Urban Activation Lab is the community project, urban design and public and social policy group of award winning Newtown-based firm Red Design Architects. Headed by Martin Hanley and Anna Kemble Welch, the team works nationally and internationally.

The group has been actively involved in projects relating to public consultation, public events, mainstreet revitalisation, transportation, parks, public art and sculpture, school amenities, ecology, community gardens, urban pathways, community resilience, disability support and healthcare, heritage and conservation since 1979.



Martin Hanley is the Newtown Residents’ Association President and the Newtown Festival Director

 Anna Kemble Welch was for many years an Executive member of the Newtown. Residents’ Association and is the Newtown Festival Site Architect

James Coyle is a Vice President of the Newtown Residents’ Association and the Newtown Festival Programme Coordinator.



For further information on this project please contact:


Anna Kemble Welch FNZIA

Red Design: Architects

PO Box 7316

Wellington 6242


+64 4 389 7316

Newtown Cycleway: Better screen display of the drawings

Viewing Tip 1: How to Change Adobe Page Display

When viewing the Cycleway Route Map drawings on your screen using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat you might find you need to re-set the Page display.

Depending on your Adobe settings the contours, streets and building outlines can sometimes display overly dark, as an overpowering background.

The Cycleway drawings  become more readable if you turn off “Enhance thin lines”

Snapshot frm A_reader 1_Page_1Follow these simple steps

[Click here for a PDF download of these Viewing Tip Instructions ]

  1. Under the Edit drop down menu select: Preferences Snapshot frm A_reader 1_Page_2
  2. In Categories select: Page Display
  3. Un check the tick box for: Enhance thin linesSnapshot frm A_reader 1_Page_3
  4. Click on: OK

Viewing Tip 2: Easy Zoom in

Using the Magnify Glass ToolSnapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_1

Snapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_2

Snapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_3And snap back to full Page ViewSnapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_4


Snapshot frm A_reader 3_Page_5Enjoy your viewing

Wellington Bus Review

The Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) is undertaking a review of Wellington buses. The proposals have implications for Newtown and Berhampore residents.

This link will take you to information about the planned changes to the bus service.

The current proposals include the following changes:

  • Replace the Newtown Park Zoo bus (10) with the Houghton Bay (23)
  • Change the route of the Southgate (22) so that it travels along Russell Terrace – Riddford St – Constable St.
  • During the off-peak the frequency will be increased from hourly to every 30 minutes. However, passengers travelling to and from the city on the Houghton Bay and Southgate services will need to transfer to another bus at the “Newtown hub” located outside Wellington Hospital.
  • There will be 3 direct services to and from the Railway Station to Houghton Bay and Southgate at peak times.
  • There will no longer be a link from Houghton Bay and Southgate across town to the university.

Houghton Valley and Southgate residents have been involved with the Wellington Bus Review over the past two years. Christine Fowler, President of the Houghton Valley Progressive Association and Linda Cameron have attending meetings and have recently prepared a submission, with support from Newtown, Southgate and Mt Cook residents.

Linda attended the public hearing on the submission at the GRWC and councillors indicated that the details have still not been pinned down including the direct services at peak times and shelter and other facilities at the hub outside the hospital. There is still an opportunity for the community representatives to continue discussion with council officers.

Click on  Bus Submission May 2014 – Houghton Valley, Melrose, Southgate to download the Houghton Valley Progressive Association submission [which our Association contributed support and suggestions to]. This outlines the issues they have raised, that are still being worked through.

Next Meeting: Monday 16 June 2014 at 7.30pm

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Southern Suburbs Cycleway

Segment 2: Berhampore – Newtown – to Mt Cook cycling improvements

Introduction and brief overview of Red Design’s detailed Network Route Mappings

Q&A with some of their design team.

Note the “Citizens’ Advisory Panel” is now exploring options for this segment.

Segment 1: Island Bay – Berhampore

Island Bay update  from Paul Eagle

Wellington Bus Review

Collaboration with Houghton Valley Progressive Association

Waka Moemoea

Update on timing

Heritage Buildings and Earthquake Strengthening

Update  from David Wilcock

Newtown Festival

Stall Bookings 2015 update

Shyft Carshare

Progress update


Location of the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

Next Meeting: Monday 19 May 2014 at 7.30pm

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Southern Suburbs Cycleway

Segment 2: Berhampore – Newtown cycling improvements, and the “Citizens’ Advisory Panel”

Isabella Cawthorn from the City Council will talk about the new process the Council is using.

Nomination suggestions

Segment 1: Island Bay – Berhampore cycling improvements

Comments and progress update  since consultation closed 6 May

Town Belt Bill

Submission Comments

Waka Moemoea

Update on progress assisting this initiative

Heritage Buildings and Earthquake Strengthening

Report  from David Wilcock on the meeting with WCC

Newtown Festival

Wellington Gold Award Finalist

Stall Bookings open online

Stall Holder Newsletter

Online Stall Directory

Shyft Carshare



Location of the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

Next Meeting: Monday 17 March 2014 at 7.30pm

7.30 at the Community Hall 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

Southern Suburbs Cycleway(s)

Linking Island Bay to Lambton Harbour

Progress update and presentations:

  • WCC Officers will give an outline of the upcoming public consultation process – planned to run over the next few months
  • Cycle Advocates Network summarising their preferred option
  • Red Design presenting updates of the community derived ideas for potential SAFE cycleway routes from Island Bay through  Berhampore –  Newtown – Mt Cook and Te Aro

Newtown Festival

Presentation of some great images from the very successful Fairday on Sunday 2 March and a brief report about the month’s activities.


Laura Rosier Archive Display

To celebrate Newtown Festival month we have had a billboard made, based on Laura’s public transport chapter, that will be displayed at the meeting. It includes a panorama photo of the suburb  – come and find your house and see what your neighbourhood looked like in 1922.

Intro - tram photo - rotated

Heritage Buildings and Earthquake Strengthening

An update from David Wilcock on this important topic for our suburb.

Map showing the location of the Newtown Community Hall, 71 Daniell Street, at the Constable Street playground

(opposite the Mediterranean Warehouse)

Meeting location

February 2014 meeting

Welcome to 2014

Our first monthly meeting for the year was  from 7.00pm  on 17th February at  Bar Edward 167 Riddiford Street

Newtown Festival – Launch

Programme Preview

We will be using the large screen to present an overview of this year’s amazing programme, complete with short video clips showing some of the bands.

Guided tour behind the scenes, as summarised by your Festival Committee…….

Microsoft Word - Festval Launch-Opening Poster - V2.doc

Re-shaping Urban Movement – Newtown and Southern Suburbs Safe Cycleways


With WCC support we have begun to research and design cycleway options for the Berhampore / Newtown / Mt Cook section of the city’s planned Island Bay to Te Papa cycleway.

Come along and hear how in March you can help our community to develop a fine grain crafted fit of the Cycleway options through our streets.

Runs on Fat

Bar Edward 167 Riddiford Street, (opposite the Post Office)

Bar Ed

OUR TOWN NEWTOWN – Community Visioning Wall

In Collaboration with the Community Centre we have transformed the Before I Die…… Chalk Mural into a Community Blackboard where the public can share ideas and suggestions…….

We live and work in a great suburb but how can we make it better?

What works, what doesn’t and what would you love to see happen here?

What are Newtown’s STRENGTHS?

What would you like to CHANGE?

What are the OPPORTUNITIES for Newtown?

What are Newtown’s CHALLENGES?


The ideas wall will be in action in Wilson Street till Christmas. Get your friends and family along to and add ideas and suggestions. Newtown Community Centre and the Timebank are helping us record the wall